Villa Wienberg by Friis & Moltke and Wienberg Architects

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Villa Wienberg is a task completed jointly by Friis & Moltke and Wienberg Architects.

It is positioned in Aarhus, Denmark, and was finished in 2008.

Villa Wienberg by Friis & Moltke and Wienberg Architects:

“A quiet heart, a setting sun.

The 2 outdoors and within, the atmosphere is cooling and calming. As quickly as the foot touches the ground of this protected corner-plot, a specific feeling wraps itself around you like a soft shawl: A feeling of currently being pleasantly, mysteriously alone in 1 of the fantastic forests of Finland – or probably of stepping into a universe, in which Yin and Yang last but not least discovered their ideal balance and harmony. It is really tough to feel that actually you are in a very conventional residential community, Højbjerg, situated in suburban Aarhus.

Right up until recently, this little corner-plot nested a little summertime cottage, built for the duration of wartime in 1942 and later on practically hidden behind tall trees. The cottage has now been integrated into a brand new, tall and really ambitious black elegance. The walls are planked on the outdoors and the villa opens to its surroundings with windows that are perfectly proportioned for the double objective of inviting nature in as properly as generating a cozy and cooling private space.

The villa, which has been awarded the City of Aarhus Architecture Prize 2008, playfully breaks the strictly square shape of the plot in a careful orchestration of angles and split-amounts. The way it would seem to organically develop into the rich vegetation of pine, temple-tree and rhododendron leaves the baffling impression on the beholder that this villa basically grew out of the ground!

Light and Shadow

It was the joint imaginative forces and dreams of architects Mette and Martin Wienberg that led to this exciting and untraditional framework about their household-life. Atmosphere was the key phrase and contrast was an important device: By generating a covered entrance in a very strict fashion dominated by black wood and concrete, they wanted to increase the knowledge of the movement from architectural serenity to the open garden – which is organically structured, but sharply defined by raised sleepers that frame and contrast the soft lawn which lies in their embrace almost like a green lake.

The plants and the trees are crucial to the style: All the flowerbeds are strewn with coarse bark-chips in buy to enhance the illusion of “The tiny house in the forest” and the natural mosaic of the foliage creates shifting patterns of shadows and filters the light: This couple did not seek out the excellent panorama, but rather a dynamic variety of intriguing views bringing a special ambiance to every and each room.”

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Images by: Mikkel Rahr Mortensen & Gitte Kjær

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