Villa B by Tectoniques Architects

Situated in Lyon, France, Villa B is a venture completed in 2013.

It was created by Tectoniques Architects and covers an location of 2,195 square feet.

Villa B by Tectoniques Architects:

“The prepare is productive, virtually square, measuring 10 x 11m (33 x 36ft). Along the west of the ground floor is a garage finished in black pannels timber composite, extended by a canopy. Cost-free and open, it is organised around a central core that consists of the solutions: cellar, ne2rks, shower/bath area, and kitchen. All the rooms type a ring close to this hub. Uninterrupted by way of views and continual speak to with nature are maintained by making use of sliding partitions and big glazed places dealing with each other. A strip of ancillary and storage regions runs along the full height of the west wall. The overall scheme generates a multipurpose room, open onto the south and north gardens and the patios. Consistency is created in between the constructing and the external spaces, which boost each other. Hence the residing area gets to be greater than the area delimited by the walls.

The house faces due south. Largely glazed, it rewards from solar obtain, while becoming protected by brise-soleil adjustable louver sun breaks to handle stronger sunshine in the summer time, spring and autumn. Open onto the south and east, its upper floor is closed on the north, and the west side only has modest openings for the showers and bathrooms. Since the local climate is strongly contrasted, with peaks of heat and cold, this strategy layout permits maximum occupation of the patios in accordance to the seasons, sheltered from the wind. In the extended phrase, a assortment of intermediate and peripheral aspects may possibly improve the present and fluctuate the spaces, in accordance to the climate and the seasons, this kind of as arbours, canopies, pergolas, etc. On the upper floor, the technique is reversed: the layout organisation commences from the core and opens onto the bedrooms. Following the principle of separation of daytime and evening-time areas, the upper floor is occupied by 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The bedrooms face south and east, whilst the bathrooms open to the west. In addition to the obviously-recognized living regions, the residence has intermediate and multipurpose spaces. This is the case on the ground floor, which, with its sliding partitions, can have several layouts also, some rooms that are not set aside for any certain objective can be reconfigured in accordance to the time of day, e.g., examine-laundry-pc area or guest bedroom-examine-music room. This adaptability is a response to the need to have to control the 2 privacy and communal existence within the family members house.

The building is straightforward. It is a timber-framed house, erected on a concrete slab, with a concrete topping laid on the upper floor. The framework is a prefabricated modular method. The roof insulation consists of 40 cm (sixteen in) thick expanded cellulose wadding, and the wall insulation consists of mineral wool with woodwool on the outdoors, providing a total thickness of 32 cm (13 in). The woodwool slows down warming and cooling of the home by a lagging result. On the ground floor, 3 big triple-glazed panels – with a fixed portion and a translating (tilting) opener – run along the elevation at ceiling height and frame the landscape. They stay away from interrupting the views by door and window frames, and they draw the eyes towards the outdoors. On the upper floor, in the bedrooms, lower tilt-and-flip windows have a fixed window-breast at bed h7 On the facades, perforated larch cladding is fixed to double 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2 in) wall plates to even more increase the ventilation result. The cladding progressively greys naturally, without any remedy, with uniform silvery tinges. Within, a lining of knot-cost-free, light-coloured polar panels is employed with wonderful uniformity for built-in cupboards, furniture and storage elements. Elsewhere, white plasterboard adds to the soft, brightly-lit ambiance of the property.

Area heating is mostly supplied by floor heating on the ground floor and the upper floor. It is supplied by a condensation gas boiler and solar panels. The double-movement ventilation method is linked to a glycolated ground-air heat exchanger laid at a depth of in between 2.00 and 2.50 m (6.5 and 8 ft) to the north of the property, which supplies air at a continual temperature of 12°C (54°F). When essential, the exchanger can provide added ventilation at night. For the duration of cold peaks, wood-burning stove covers extra heating wants, calculated for the total volume and instantaneously, notably for the upper floor. Waxed concrete and floor heating supply extremely pleasant thermal comfort. The concrete topping, which is picked despite the timber framework, provides uniformity of floors on the ground floor and upper floor, in bedrooms, showers and bath rooms. In addition, the roof is planted with a sedum [stonecrap] covering, and rainwater is collected in an underground tank. All of these techniques call for some management to function as nicely as achievable. This is a technical matter that needs a specified degree of mastery, which is acquired empirically and requires the occupants to get an interest in them and to adjust their habits.”

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Photos by: Erick Saillet

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