Tint By Ganna Studio

By Magaly – Classes: Apartments, Art, Bathroom, Bedroom, Bookshelf, Decorative Add-ons, Dining Space, Furniture, Interior Design and style, Kitchen, Lighting, Living Room, Rugs, Wall Decor   

Tint was completed by Ganna Studio, and it is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Its interior is chic, and can make use of vibrant colors and a range of textures.

Tint by Ganna Studio:

“Minimal interior layout is the theme. Designers reduced partitions by utilizing versatile boards as doors, which makes it possible for a living area with out borders while reserving the layers of spaces. Resources, lighting and texture exhibit a spatial impression of normal and minimal.

Designers gave the residence a neutral color related with grey, cause owners picked some colorful furnishings to decorate their residence. Nonetheless, often the residence reveals a sense of vibrant and fresh by the colour employed. The most eye-catching a single is the aquamarine cabinet in the master space.

Fluorescence green and orange is employed for guest bathroom. Decorative molding panels with shade tinted generate a delight expression. Who says classical factors can not be employed in minimal interior design and style? With proper use of colours and components, various variations could talk the exact same language.

What helps make this project intriguing?

Who says classical components cannot be employed in minimum interior design and style? With appropriate use of colours and components, distinct designs could speak the exact same language.”

Floor Program

Pictures by: MWphotoinc

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