The Naked Residence by Marc Gerritsen

Architect Marc Gerritsen has created this remarkable home for himself in Koh Samui, Thailand.

“The main factor about this area is the expanse of the surroundings and the quietness. Lifestyle in Taipei is quite hectic, and I needed a location to escape. I genuinely desired a quiet region and a great see. Obtaining an open program residing area, with doors that can totally slide away, which seems out at the pool and the ocean – that is one thing I’d been contemplating about for a long time. With this plot, I was ready to place the pieces of the puzzle with each other.

The home was a return to the simple values in lifestyle: excellent clean air, broad open space, quiet solitude. With these standard values you can be in a space that is uncluttered, and your mind can turn out to be nevertheless. That’s also the purpose behind the extremely standard components that I have utilized: concrete, wood, steel and glass. There are no embellishments. The concentrate is on the area rather than the materials”.

“I initially planned 3 stories: 2 bedrooms on the bottom the pool, residing location and kitchen on the middle level and an office on top. But I’ve extra a bathroom on the living area level, a laundry room and pantry. I needed a simple kitchen, with no overhead cupboards or tall fridge, so the pantry is great for storage. I added a freestanding open-air bathroom, as the top room became a magnificent master bedroom which required an en-suite. The tank and plant room grew to become a huge open room with a swing bed, underneath the deck I extra a steam area, and the space below the bedrooms now homes an office and maid’s area. So it ended up being 5 stories – the end result of a work in progress.

My perform in excess of the final handful of years as an architectural and interior photographer has taught me what not to do. Searching at all the extremely fine thorough properties I photographed in Asia. I believed: “Is this truly necessary to be comfortable? If I walk on a concrete floor or if I walk on a marble floor, is it going to make my residing experience so much far better?” No. You just need a floor to walk on. I am interested in a return to fundamentals, in a luxury monastic way of living”.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 24 March, 2014

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