Summer homes in Slavik by Mats Fahlander

Mats Fahlander created 2 summer homes in Lysekil, Sweden.









Undertaking description

The 2 summer time houses are situated between 2 Fjords on the Swedish, northern westcoast. The internet site is surrounded by a nationalpark, the nature characterised by rounded rocks and leaning trees, bent of an often current wind. Other homes in the location are mostly from the -50s and are rather in a summerhouse typology than the standard kind for the area.

The property on a single of the highets points in thea spot was created for a single of the sons in a huge household, his component of the households personal home and a spot for guesting close friends. The other, smaller sized property was constructed for his mother and father. Together wit the present home tthey kind a group facing west and the sea.

The ground was left untouched so the houses floats above the rocks. Also above the rocks is it achievable to stroll all around the homes on outside bridges and platforms, hanged from the facade. The contrast amongst the sometimes rough climate and the easy summerlife was the guidebook to the design of the buildings. A construction of timber is covered with virtually upkeep cost-free supplies. Painted parts are white according to the tradition of the coast.

The rounded roofs received their kind from the surrounding rocks. The geometry of the programs is basic one front area closest to the ocean for cooking, eating and relation with folks and a rear section for bedrooms and entrance hall. Big glasspanels can be slided to the side so that all rooms can be open towards the outer bridge.

The closely positioned guesthouse at 1.17 has a bedroom and a sauna. The interiors of the residence is completetly covered with untreatened fir. When a low evening sun from west lighten the panel is the inner of the houses from the ocean a glowing eye catcher in a grey landscape.

Layout:Mats Fahlander
Photography by Åke E:son Lindman

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