Balance Hill Home - Los Angeles-Kirkpatrick Architects

Stability Hill Property – Los Angeles By Kirkpatrick Architects

Not only is the Stability Hill residence in Los Angeles a spectacular area, but its breathtaking views and architectural elements appear to deftly defy gravity. This edgy masterpiece by Kirkpatrick Architects is perched way over the city on prime of a hillside, providing a captivating panorama from each angle–both inside and out–of this modern day dream property.

A dramatic entrance leads up to the property, which quickly intrigues with its unpredictable structure–a 2-story box program, with one more glazed box jutting out precariously, delicately hovering above the ground under. It is impressive how even though largely an angular developing of glass, wood and stone, curvaceous walls and pavers contribute an sophisticated softness to the all round aesthetic. Lighting along the one foundation wall is spectacular, producing an elongated cone-shaped pattern.

It is from the interior of the dining space in which the western views grow to be even more enticing. From this glass-walled space, one feels as if they’re floating over the city in a type of skybox in spite of currently being on the very first level of the property.

Light splashes and penetrates the mid-century modern living spaces which connect openly with every single other. Creamy whites are delightfully offset by an orange dining table in the kitchen and smoky blue storage cabinetry in the residing room–this color combination is just so fresh!

Undoubtedly awe-inspiring is the smooth white, sculptural staircase which reminds me of what you may possibly see in the Guggenheim Museum. Wonderful. Amazing. Incredible.

Moving outside, this residence attributes an array of lounging areas–poolside overlooking the City of Angels, or closer to the house close to the adjoining dining terrace. What is most inspirational, not to mention downright stunning, is the green wall. This soaring, landscaped function functions variations of plants and greenery, neatly and relatively geometrically arranged creating a visual delight.

This estate-like house also functions a glass wine cellar with a amazing, designer paper chandelier over a raw wood picnic table and benches. An adjacent 2-lane bowling alley–yes, truly!–also provides entertainment.

The Stability Hill dwelling is a present day dream property maximizing California’s indoor/outdoor residing, whilst setting a precedent with surprising, if not wonderfully risky, style.

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