Residence in Yatsugatake by Kidosaki Architects Studio

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This private residence was designed by Kidosaki Architects Studio.

It is situated on the edge of the Yatsugatake Mountains in Nagano, Japan.

Property in Yatsugatake by Kidosaki Architects Studio:

“Located on a sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains, this property was made on a piece of land that gives magnificent views that are seldom identified. In search of for the ideal in picturesque scenery, the consumer took up residence in Tateshina, and spent several years looking for the best website for constructing his house.Inevitably, the primary aim of this undertaking is to meet the client’s expectations to include these spectacular views in to the style.

When I visited the web site, my initial impression was that this untapped and expansive nature should be embraced into the interior to the greatest extent achievable. I made a decision to organize the house in such that this horizontal expanded scenery have to be maximized. In purchase to understand this design, I introduced mega structures column enabling half of the home to lengthen into the air. To assistance this big overhanging floor, 2 diagonal bracing steel cylinders, every 300 mm in diameter is introduced. With this, the house is floats in to the midst of a glorious all-natural surroundings. With this overhanging construction, the breeze of the mountain plateau movement by means of the interior, makes you coexistent with nature.

When you are invited to the entranceway, right after passing via the restrained area of the hallway, and as you enter in to this dramatic space, magnificent and remarkable scenery spreads out before your eyes. Residing / dining / kitchen area, the majestic panoramic see extends on all 3 sides is some thing you can not discover anywhere else, but right here in this space. And the scenery is all to your personal.

This area is an extravagant experience that only these who have offered a privilege to be invited can truly get pleasure from. Other rooms are planed to offer differing views of the mountains, enabling a assortment of views from every of the rooms. The higher ceilings and wide wood deck and eaves allow a room steeped in the mind-boggling presence of the panoramic views of the spot.The feeling is so intense that it is virtually as if you are living on a cloud.

The various components have been elevated via cautious focus to detailing, and the refinement of the structure gives a sense of tension and unity to the space and ample materials, attaining the proper balance in between a dominance in excess of and a harmony with the surrounding natural surroundings. The character and humility of this dwelling, constructed with no compromising the vision of the architect, expresses a dignified reverence for the scenery surrounding it.”

Images by: Junji Kojima

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