Residence at a Lake by BBSC Architects

BBSC Architects developed this property at a lake in Belgium.










Task description

As the house is located close to a lake the facade dealing with the lake is one particular huge window to consider in the beautiful view. All living and sleeping quarters seem out above the garden and the lake. A central void connects the groundfloor with the first floor and backlinks the cozy, raised up sitting spot with the kitchen and eating location. The huge open fire area between the void and eating location aids in producing various zones whilst maintaining one flowing living location.

On the very first floor the landing opens up in direction of the void seated at the balustrade that is worked out as a desk one particular can take pleasure in a spectacular see of the lake.

By means of the use of an acoustic plaster on the ceilings it is feasible to reach the highest level of comfort while enjoying the dimension and openness of the living area with its abundance of natural light.

Architect: BBSC Architects

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