Property in Greenwich by VOLPATOHATZ

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Swiss/Australian architectural firm VOLPATOHATZ has produced the Property in Greenwich.

Completed in 2013, this 3,875 square foot contemporary property was developed to give scenic views of the landscape from the spacious open prepare residing area. It is found in Greenwich, Australia.

Property in Greenwich by VOLPATOHATZ:

“The client necessary a new 360m2 residence to exchange their present home from the forties. The client lived on the residence, consequently orientation and layout of all rooms were to adhere to a specific internet site based mostly short. Sustaining panoramic views of the bay from the upper level living areas and balcony had been of upmost significance, the primary bedroom was subsequently positioned behind in direction of the street. A central stair connects the upper residing to the ground level family members space with accessibility to a huge deck and backyard.

The ground level bedrooms have been set even more back from the boundary to revenue from the northerly facet. The task incorporates superior programs for efficiency like a bespoke rainwater tank under the deck, solar evacuated tubing panels delivering scorching water and hydraulic in-slab heating and a landscaped roof above the ground level review. The upper degree highlight windows let the northern winter light to warm the interiors. Use of double glazing windows by Paarhammer to make certain optimum thermal insulation values.”

Images by: Richard Glover

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