Peter’s Home in San Francisco by Craig Steely Architecture

Craig Steely Architecture have made Peter’s Residence, positioned in San Francisco, California. Found over San Francisco’s Dolores Park on a steep web site bordering a public garden, the decidedly modest property, (only 1800 square feet) builds on this steep good deal as efficiently as achievable.

Rather than the typical development practice of finding foundations staggered up the hillside, Peter’s home locates a 24 ft. x 24 ft. cast-in-place concrete garage at the lowest degree and builds a 3-story glass tower above it, altering the land and native hillside drainage quite tiny. The leading living floor then spans from a flat plateau at best of the whole lot to the tower like a bridge, primarily reducing the volume of excavation generally concerned in development of this kind by 2/3.

Beyond the structural difficulties, the greatest issue in creating Peter’s home was opening the developing to the expansive view while sustaining a degree of privacy from the sidewalk and garden that pass alongside. All around the time the house was being developed, the new on-ramp to the Golden Gate Bridge was underneath construction which necessitated clearing a grove of Monterey Cypress trees in it’s path from the Presidio. We secured some of these trees and functioning with a nearby milling shop turned them into 90 sound wood louvers (fixed on the exterior/operable on the interior) that regulate openness and privacy.

Photography: Bruce Damonte.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 13 March, 2014

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