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+node is a venture completed by UID Architects & Associates and found in Fukuyama, Japan.

The project was completed in 2012, and presents a house surrounded by a lush forest, produced mainly out of raw wood and glass, blending the boundaries in between outside and indoors.

+node by UID Architects & Associates:

“On the south side of the internet site there is a wealthy forest in which animals and programs reside and on the back north side where hilly land was designed into a residential location in a tiered platform.

The website is located at the node level of such nature and human-produced place.

There is a thicket spreading more than the hill of in excess of 10 meters (33 feet) level deference along the south side from the frontal road.

Various creature’s territory is layered from the land surface to the sky over trees.

In this event, I imagined about a place for animals, plants and human beings in a scale closer to the setting of the wealthy sectional route.

Therefore, maintaining the big website as it is, I thought to generate a various setting that is produced by manipulating a sense of distance from the flat spot that comes in get in touch with with the street to the forest located 25 meters (82 feet) away.

Exclusively, by putting 3.5 meters (twelve feet) cubes equivalent to a wooden bird’s home on the side just like a toy constructing block, we manufactured a spot that responds to a surrounding horizontal and vertical territory that connects the ground surface and the forest.

Progressively advancing from the method to the south side and enabled by sceneries that is cut out in fragments in the east and the west path, linear room in about thirty meters (100 feet) unfolds as a sky pass, keeping a gradual sense of distance with the surrounding environment.

The space is connected to the 10 meters (33 feet) above forest.

On the other hand, the cube that is buried in the underground slope turns into a area that reacts with the surface environmental territory such as sunlight filtering via thick trees, humidity and temperature.

The bird’s residence that linked the ground surface and the forest is like a area of kaleidoscope that displays a variety of often altering factors.

It is a spot of a node that generates an interactive setting with natural animals ant plants.”


Images by: Hiroshi Ueda

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