MiCasa by Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects

In October 2010, Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects was commissioned by Peter and Melanie Domb to design a house of contemporary design and style, with minimum affect on the setting and capable to accommodate their burgeoning art collection.

The architects had worked with Peter Domb for numerous many years in his capability as a industrial developer. They met to appear close to the site at the bottom of the garden of the Dombs’ present residence, discussing their aspirations for the scheme and possible alternatives.

The quick was designed from a simple necessity for a 3-bedroom house with generous area sizes – the consumer was interested in area, not variety of rooms. At 270 sq m, the residence has a similar floor location to a standard 5-bed residence.

The Dombs had a sturdy preference for a modern design. Despite becoming a modern day constructing nonetheless, the home has a acquainted feel. The pitched roof has conventional connotations and the black façade is reminiscent of the silhouettes of regional barns and agricultural buildings, which are typically very dark in colour, appearing almost black on the horizon.

The architect’s encounter in housing enabled it to layout a house that responds to useful living requirements. The residence allows for versatility in the future, with open plan residing and a combined kitchen and entertaining space supplemented by an enclosed personal snug.

The interior is comprised of a number of flowing spaces, which interlink and flow out to the external patio and backyard from the kitchen and dining region. Internally, the rooms phase down to every single other in response to the sloping website. The developing is extremely narrow and despite its black monolithic visual appeal, the massive windows provide generous views out and views correct through the creating from outdoors.

The Dombs are nicely travelled and have a huge assortment of person pieces of ar2rk to display. With no theme to connect them (like a mini Burrell collection), the home is developed to double as a gallery area, with bespoke spots to display their treasures. This procedure was ongoing by way of the design and style process and the stair storage wall was redesigned to accommodate an Olympic torch in the course of the undertaking.

An abundance of organic light was paramount. In depth areas of glazing, rooflights and a solar tube to the dressing location ensure the home is flooded with normal light. The entrance hall and living space are double height – appropriate up to the underside of the roof, which accentuates the feeling of generous room and light.

Melanie is a keen gardener and the home is designed have a clear relationship to the exterior, with huge doors top out from the residing space and kitchen onto the garden, terraces and patio. The constructing helps make use of the adjust in ground degree and bisects the internet site, separating the public front from the personal back and generating upper and decrease gardens.

The building is a hybrid of block perform, steel and standard timber, which includes sustainable and vitality productive functions. A new borehole provides all fresh water for the home, with soakaways for rainwater discharge, a heat recovery technique and zoned underfloor heating.

The consumer was keen on resources with longevity and which are servicing free of charge. The black zinc cladding is each recyclable and has aspects of recycled supplies contained inside of it. The easy type was continued via into the crisp detailing of the zinc, with concealed gutters.

The canine is a hugely important member of the Domb family and some ‘doggy’ influences are manifest in the layout, such as minimal-level glazing which enables the puppy to see out. Interestingly, he does use these attributes and goes from window to window to police the garden.

The Dombs are hugely proud of their new home. The style is the solution of a constructive romantic relationship where both client and architect influenced every other in the generating the ultimate visual appeal and perform of the home.

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