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Linear Property – Vancouver By Patkau Architects

It’s remarkable how style rooted in streamlined simplicity can retain such motion and sudden curiosity. Linear House in Vancouver, British Columbia epitomizes these attributes as a contemporary dream house envisioned by Canadian firm, Patkau Architects.

Situated on Salt Spring Island this 276-foot extended framework functions a enormous rectangular volume which rests on the real house, which is flanked by an elongated line of soaring Douglas firs and other mature trees.

An awe-inspiring core breezeway makes it possible for equal views of land and water to penetrate the constructing. Divided on 1 side as the major home, the other with guest quarters, this single-story home sits on a sixteen-acre farm nestled amongst a landscape of grassy fields, forest and fruit orchards.

Smoky grey fibre-cement panels wrap the exterior so purely. Rather beautiful are the sets of pivoting vertical partitions which run parallel the the main plan, and are tucked into charcoal gravel on one side of homes’ sloped terrain and suspended over the concrete platform on the other. When stored ajar, these panels develop an open-air dwelling. Retractable glazed walls during the spacious layout also entice fresh-air flow.

Several skylights shed normal rays into the vibrant interiors with minor need for artificial lighting by day. Semitransparent white acrylic panels grow to be the ceilings and walls which bounce this abundant countryside light. Customized fluorescent lighting induces a soft glow across the minimalist interiors in the evening.

A monolithic concrete fireplace sits in the major living area, although spare furnishings and specially-developed created-ins in light timber contrast effectively with the darker exterior.

A single specific envy-inducing spot is the stroll-in shower, a stainless steel and glass box which opens to the outside with a huge outdated tree as the main level-of-view. Just remarkable! In truth, each and every single interior space turns into one with the natural landscape of foliage, a boundariless zone for indoor-outside living.

Linear Residence is a modern dream residence, basic in aesthetics but splendorous in form.

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