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Lee House – São Paulo, Brazil By Studio MK27

A Brazilian elegance, the Lee Property is a present day dream property in Porto Feliz, São Paulo made by Studio MK27. The a single-story, 9,700 square foot property is a lengthy horizontal box, draped in luxurious finishes and evoking minimalism.

With 4 bedrooms, a guest suite and house spa with health club, this single-household house of concrete and timber feels much more like a retreat. An exposed core residing, dining and social area consists of a complete bar and elegantly extends to the outdoor pool terrace on one side and lush tropical gardens on the other.

With the external walls meshing seamlessly with the inner ones, the eye is not certain in which the indoor living ends and the outside begins–stunning layout! Wooden muxarabi screens gorgeously shade these primary dwelling places whilst allowing for ongoing ventilation which is crucial in this year-round warm climate.

Furnishings are decidedly modern day and dressed in a warm palette, even though also reflective of the Brazilian culture such as in the colorfully striped woven accent rugs seen across these minimalist interiors. Floor lamps designate the sitting area’s border, assisting to produce a degree of intimacy within this incredible space.

A guest suite resides at a single end of the rectangular construction, even though the series of bedrooms rests on the opposite finish of the residing zone. It is right here exactly where the entirely-appointed residence gym with sauna and personal plunge pool sit–ah, the luxe existence.

The home’s open-program provides privacy when desired, whilst the expansive fresh-air gathering area becomes a ideal spot for family and close friends to get pleasure from and reside the good existence.

The terrace itself is a function of ar2rk, with a vast wooden deck spilling over the swimming pool which magnificently extends the entire length of this outside lounge. Set into a somewhat sloped piece of land, the elevated pool is framed in rustic stonework. At evening, this reflective pool gets a sapphire-hued gem glowing from within.

The Lee Property is a modern day luxury dream residence, a gorgeous minimalist strategy to embracing countless days of outside residing.

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