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Kitchen Layout Guidelines for Modest Spaces

This guest publish is by Kathryn Ward.

Exactly where kitchen area is minimal, overall performance is key.

Don’t despair if your kitchen feels also little to accommodate a cat, allow alone swing a single – since with a dash of clever organizing and a sprinkling of creativity, you can feel your self out of that box, creating a area that is both practical and fashionable.

Devise a floor strategy

A good way to begin considering about a kitchen redesign is to take a big piece of squared paper and mark out windows, doors, electrical power factors and pipes. Function out exactly where foods preparation, cooking, serving and washing up will consider area, ideally assigning a bit of worktop to each and every perform.

The perform triangle is an imaginary triangle, putting an optimum distance in between cooker, sink and fridge, which shouldn’t be tough to arrange in a tiny kitchen. A corner sink is a neat way of releasing important worktop area elsewhere. Make sure that there is sufficient space in the kitchen for men and women to move close to and open doors and drawers.

Make much more room

Seem at the room you have and how you are at present making use of it – the possibilities are that you can reconfigure the spot to create much more area – consider about ditching bulky things and surplus appliances and moving items to new positions.

Take into account removing a wall or incorporating an extension and feel about changing radiators with under floor heating.


On a micro degree, jettison any items that you by no means use, this kind of as the fondue set that is never ever come out of its packaging, the egg poacher and toasted sandwich maker.

This will quickly perform wonders for your kitchen’s storage capability.

Meet with a kitchen designer

Did you know that major residence improvement specialists Betta Living offer free, no-obligation house visits? You could meet with a single of their skilled kitchen designers to brainstorm and talk about your kitchen redesign strategies.

They will draw up a in depth layout proposal, tailored to your type and price range, which means you could be luxuriating in your dream kitchen prior to you know it.

Embrace awkward angles and poky spaces

A kitchen designer can truly add worth by recommending ingenious storage answers that you most likely didn’t even know existed. Embrace quirky corners and small spaces, incorporating clever storage suggestions like corner cupboards and islands with internal storage, dining and cooking areas.

Don’t waste an inch. Assess whether or not there are any unused spaces – this kind of as the wall above the sink, which could be used to property open shelves.

Area-saving storage solutions

Wall units are clearly crucial in a kitchen, but they do tend to get up beneficial room, so consider to preserve some walls cost-free of units. Narrow shelves can be just as hassle-free and are much less obtrusive.

Bi-fold doors on wall units make for effortless entry and it may be worth thinking about open storage shelving, an additional great area-conserving remedy.

Sleek, basic and streamlined

Minimalist, clean lines in a small kitchen avert the space from hunting or feeling too cramped and cluttered.  Hold occupied décor to a minimum and retain a sense of stability by opting for muted walls and countertops, especially if making use of bold coloured units.

Be disciplined with unit fronts – a uniform row of doors or drawers appears greater in a constrained area than a mixture of mismatching cupboards of distinct sizes and heights.


Strategy the colour of your kitchen cautiously.  A easy, neutral colour scheme is simpler on the eye in a tiny space – creams and whites operate well, but keep in mind that these will age faster via put on and tear.

Heighten the room you have making use of the identical colour on walls and units, or if you want to express your personality, pick a splash of bold colour on unit doors.


Windows must be kept as clear as attainable, so eliminate both curtains and clutter.

Blinds are a much better bet. Set up down-lighters under cupboards and over worktops to illuminate the surface when you are cooking.

Use vertical space

Wall room is a vital, but often underused commodity in tiny kitchens. Select tall, slim units that make the most of your walls.

The units can be cleverly fitted with shelves and racks so not a spot of room goes to waste.

Reflective surfaces

Surfaces that reflect light, this kind of as clear worktops, gloss units and sparkling floors, make small spaces truly feel bigger by bouncing light about the room and producing the kitchen seem to be far more inviting.

Include supplies and texture

Your tiny kitchen will exude a massive persona if you pick a range of materials and textures – think about combining exposed brickwork and heavily grained worktops with glass splash-backs.

Downsize appliances

Consider meticulously about whether you genuinely need to have total-sized appliances and furniture – you’ll save bags of area by opting for a slim-line stove, dishwasher and kitchen table.

Plus, every thing will seem more in proportion to the size of the kitchen.

Integrated appliances

Maximise all available space by like entirely integrated appliances alongside pull-out units and wall cabinets with concertina doors.

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