Individuals are utilizing fog cannons for residence security, and it is variety of wonderful to observe

The Fog Cannon, an alternative in home security.

Photography by Protect Global

When we think of home safety methods, we typically think of alarms that make a whole lot of noise, but do they genuinely deter the intruder prior to they steal anything at all?

We lately came across an substitute protection option referred to as the Fog Cannon. Fundamentally, a fog cannon is a safety gadget that fills the room with genuinely dense fog in seconds, making it very challenging for the intruder to do anything at all, as they can not see anything at all. Picture a normal smoke machine, but a single that is mounted to the wall or ceiling and dispenses the fog incredibly speedily.
Here you can see that the room is filled with fog in significantly less than 5 seconds, once the intruder triggers the alarm.


Photography by Fog Cannon

A fog cannon, that can hide in plain sight as it seems to be comparable to an air conditioner, can be connected to a standard alarm, and when the alarm is triggered, it sets the fog cannon off. The fog is harmless to humans and pets, fixtures and furnishings, and laptop gear. As soon as the fog has filled a room, it takes about twenty minutes to clear out by opening windows and making use of fans.

Observe the video under to see a fog cannon in action:

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