House in Playa Espiñeiro by Epb42

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Home in Playa Espiñeiro is a private residence developed by Epb42.

It is found in Espiñeiro, a seaside town in A Coruña, Spain.

Property in Playa Espiñeiro by Epb42:

“The plot on which this new building is sited runs along a clear steeply sloping north-south axis. Its orientation and contour guarantee that it receives plenty of sunlight and enjoys outstanding views. Most of the buildings in the village are detached homes, with people from an earlier period displaying clear indicators of decay and abandonment: they were constructed in a type that corresponded to a rural way of existence and their development was conditioned and established by the sources that could be obtained from farming the land, all this presently in complete retreat in the encounter of far more urban programs, economies and lifestyles.

The principal volume of the home follows the dominant lengthways path on the plot (north-south), thereby liberating the highest volume of room and opening the interior views from the internet site to the south and west, while at the very same time filtering and moderating its permeability on the eastern side, which has a much more urban façade designed to assist to improve the environmental quality of the current street and defend the privacy of daily life inside the plot with regard to the existing buildings, which are sited on a increased degree.

The house is set back from the edges of the plot, with a landscaped region among it and the street that assists to formalise the entrance location, thereby delivering a constant answer to the transition amongst public and personal room with no require for a perimeter wall, fence or hedge along the entire of this side. Inside, the house is organised into 2 simple locations: The first consists of spaces of a public nature and destined for service purposes. Positioned and the north finish, open to the west and coinciding with the highest level of the terrain, it is linked with street accessibility for autos. It includes the garage area, the multi-purpose shed and storeroom and the support entrance of the kitchen.

The 2nd, much more private in nature, is situated on a decrease level and is open to the south and west, consequently acquiring more sun and becoming oriented towards the greatest views it is protected by the volume of the house, which acts as a retaining element and has produced it possible to appropriate the original contour of the plot with no extra expense. The bedrooms also give on to this side, with the garden and swimming pool positioned a bit lower down. The organisation of the home as a dwelling spot follows the principal north-south axis of the plot, and is stepped on 2 amounts as a end result of the normal slope of the ground. A transverse element finishes off the volume on the south side, shaping the 2 major external regions and minimising the require for earth moving.”

Floor Strategy

Photographs by: Luis Díaz

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