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House By The Lake By Marte.Marte Architekten

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House by the Lake is situated in Bregenz, Austria, and was created by Marte.Marte Architek8.

Perched on an up-rolling hill, its minimalist interior emphasizes airiness and elegance.

Property by the Lake by Marte.Marte Architekten:

“A group of middle-class homes, mainly developed in the first half of the 20th century, are positioned over the Herz-Jesu church at the foot of the prominent Pfänder mountainside in Bregenz. The size of the home blends in with the other sporadic, villa-like houses, and the compact, square exposed concrete framework has identical facades on all sides, except for the west side of the home dealing with the lake.

Owing to the steep slope of the property, 2 of the 4 amounts are minimize into the hillside. End users coming residence by bicycle or auto enter the property by the driveway, which is a minor beneath road degree, and then disappear into a spacious, multi-practical space. Entry to the elevator is accessible on this level, which signifies that the property is barrier-cost-free. Visitors arriving on foot reach the front door by climbing the stairs on the north side. A granny flat on this degree gives users a variety of choices for the long term, which can be used for now as an office or a den, including a see of the lake while doing exercises or sitting in the sauna. A central staircase tower leads up to the bedroom level and above it the actual bel etage greets site visitors with a breathtaking 360° see.

A actual panorama opens up to users in between balcony and porch roof, capturing the environment of the lake and the sky, placing the city at the users’ feet and bringing the mountain appropriate into the house. The sheltering gesture of the 2 hat-like brims, above and beneath, is balanced spatially by the further height of the area. Together they create a sense of intimacy and a feeling of safety, though the room is also really transparent. The horizontal matte windows focus and capture the eye and curtains on all 4 sides supply absolute privacy at evening.

A walkway on the slope side offers access to the outdoors. Placing the framework on the street has resulted in a big sloping yard to the southeast. This runs along a steep flight of stairs at the edge of the property, which ensures public thoroughfare through the location. This building with its idiosyncratic blend of distinctive design and wit looks homogeneous and hermetic to these on the outdoors, whilst at the exact same time interacting with its surroundings in a extremely subtile and deliberate way.”

Images by: Marc Lins

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