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Home U By 3LHD

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Croatian architectural company 3LHD has created the Residence U.

Completed in 2012, this 5,038 square foot modern property is found on a slope overlooking Dubrovnik, Croatia.

It consists of 2 units with separate residing spaces which are connected by a shared terrace and pool location.

Home U by 3LHD:

“In order to construct a home the consumer has bought the final empty plot at the Ploče quarter in Dubrovnik. The steep site is of irregular form, and it was divided with a road by the alter in land zoning strategies. The property is set on best of the plot with a great view of the Old City and Lokrum Island, although the reduce portion is meant for a excellent and lush garden.

The venture task was to style a house for mothers and fathers and their grownup kids with their families. Consequently the plot is made up of 2 objects. One, a 2 storey object for parents, and the other, made up of 2 apartments for the youngsters and their families. In this way, 3 residential units had been formed. A shared outside room is inserted amongst the 2 homes – a terrace made for socializing and family members gatherings that connects alternatively of separating them. The pool is in front of the parents’ house, sunken underneath the terrace level so it does not block the view from the living space. The garage spaces are found appropriate subsequent to the road and hidden from view by the slope of the plot.

A single of the main residence characteristics is the white facade constructed from regional stone from the quarry Visočani, minimize into 8x120cm “sections”. The façade whiteness is underlined by slits of big constant glass which give great views of the city to all living regions and bedrooms, although the bathrooms and kitchen are situated in the interior of the residence. The only 1 that deviates from this rule is the parents’ luxurious bathroom on the very first floor which also overlooks the city and Lokrum by way of a big glass wall. The smaller home is pulled out in the direction of the garden area to let higher privacy, and the children’s house façade is broken to make certain far more privacy to the sleeping and living locations.

A straightforward combination of materials is complemented by organic wood pergola beams connecting the 2 homes. The all-natural wood is also utilised as a floor covering and for the garage door panels. Wooden furnishings in all 3 units is customized produced to maximize the area and underline minimalism in colours and supplies.”

Photos by: Damir Fabijanić

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