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Green Display Residence – Saitama, Japan by Hideo Kumaki Architect Workplace

Green Screen Residence in Saitama, Japan is a contemporary dream property designed by Hideo Kumaki Architect Office. The focal stage of the construction lies within the draped “living wall” which follows the entire curve of the structure along its rear exterior.

Supplying the apparent shading, this lush green blanket is also a passive cooling program for the residence itself. In reality, it was noted that the spot underneath it registers 10 degrees cooler than the outside climate. The foliage connects from the home’s roofline, down to the earth which joins the courtyard, previously a prized rose garden of the owner’s mom.

A patio dining table is nestled beneath the green canopy, generating a place–virtually an extended room–where the household can comfortably enjoy meals and gather with each other in the fresh air. Inside the house, the screen also helps to reduce vitality consumption, acting as an natural air-conditioning program in between the shading it offers, as well as the ventilation that passes through it to the interior living spaces.

From the interior point of view, this green wall is an engaging element, superbly sloped even though forming distinctive light patterns produced by sunshine peeking through. Just as cheery is the shared living space-dining room-kitchen zone which basks in the normal light emanating from the garden screen. This striking leafy panel when paired with the sky blue walls, white trim and pale wood furnishings contributes an airy power. The black and pale blue dining area chairs characteristic a rich velvet floral pattern which meshes effectively with the nature just outside the large sliding glass doors.

A close by hallway is tiled with tiny aqua tiles, leading to a more informal family area covered in a rose-hued carpet and walls, and featuring a seating bench which coordinates with the exact same fabric located in the dining area chairs. This space is bowed in the opposite course of the rest of the property, following the rounded edge of one particular side of the crescent-shaped framework.

Green Screen Residence is a distinctive modern day dream house exhibiting a simple, yet stunning eco-design element which, hopefully, several will discover to value and incorporate into their own homes in the future.

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Posted by Suzanne at 24 October, 2013

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