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Gap Residence By Guymer|Bailey Architects

Guymer|Bailey Architects have developed the Gap Residence in Brisbane, Australia.



This residence in Brisbane’s western suburb, The Gap, is a home created by architects with fervour and dedication for an architect. The home displays many innovative architectural and landscape principles that distinguish the credentials and track record of Guymer Bailey.

This residence flanks a rainforest creek on a 2575 square metre degree site. The residence is a extended rectangular box, basically a single area deep, orientated to catch the morning sun and northeast breezes on the large verandah adjoining the living region and kitchen. The layout is driven by environmental sustainability principles, through the use of resources that have a lengthy daily life cycle and are minimal maintenance.

The busy street frontage of the residence is a blank, sound-insulated wall clad in zinc-coated corrugated steel sheeting with 3 bands of white corrugated steel sheeting and opal polycarbonate corrugated sheeting. The skillion roof floats over this wall separated by a narrow, glazed window working the complete length of the wall. This façade anticipates the remainder of the home which is roofed and clad externally with zinc corrugated steel sheets. Broad, unlined eaves shade the glazed walls and shield openable windows. All the principal residing spaces have large full-height windows linking the internal spaces with the external landscape to provide very good cross ventilation. The continuation of floor and soffit supplies by way of the full-height glass wall reinforces this visual link.

The main living happens in a double-volume room overlooked by the master bedroom. A standalone fireplace with stainless steel flue heats each the upper and reduced spaces successfully on cold winter nights. A thermal chimney, integrated into the stairwell, culminates at the apex of the skillion roof being fitted with 3 rotary ventilators. By the opening and closing of adjustable vents in summer time and winter, this chimney heats or cools the residence. The northwest corner glazed wall captures the see of each the adjacent parklands and distant hills. Extreme heat achieve is mitigated through the slanting of the wall off the vertical and the use of heat-absorbing glass and vertical aluminium fins fixed to every mullion.

Clear-completed ironbark is used in the 2 the flooring and decking, as effectively as the skirtings and door and window trims. Accordingly, internal and external stairs are galvanised stringers with ironbark treads and handrails, and stainless steel cable balustrades.

Far more than 35,000 litres of rainwater storage supplies water for toilet flushing and irrigation.

Architect: Guymer|Bailey Architects
Venture Crew: Ralph Bailey, Stan Chrenkoff
Photographer: Scott Burrows

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