Franco Residence by KZ Architecture

By Magaly • 34 mins in the past

Franco Residence is a residence created by KZ Architecture.

It is located in Golden Seaside, Florida, and has a warm and straightforward elegance.

Franco Residence by KZ Architecture:

“An expression of Modernism in the tropics, this residence was just lately finished in a small beach community, a single of the last single household enclaves along South Florida’s coast line. The residence was produced for a loved ones of 6 on an infill island whole lot fronting the Intracoastal Waterway.

With adjacent houses to the North and the South, the house is made about a Western courtyard, with all the rooms, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast, loved ones area and bedrooms organized all around it. A series of outside spaces was produced in purchase to weave a continuity of spaces and supplies from the street to the water. Starting at the covered entry path, the visitor is engaged by the intimate outdoor front courtyard, which connects through the excellent area of the residence to the rear covered outside spaces that front the water views.

The lengthy and narrow pool serves as the focal element in the courtyard, just like the sculptural stair serves this function for the wonderful space within. In each outside and indoor spaces, the 2 slate walls—the one framing the entrance and the one particular in the rear that cloaks the BAR-B-Q –are in dialogue with every single other to emphasize the continuity from front to back. The sequence culminates with the wooden dock which evokes the entry courtyard of the same material. The identical wood, Ipe, also frames the geometry of the balconies on the 2nd floor.

Massive projecting canopies permit for protected sun light to envelope each corner of the home. Clearstory glass penetrates the office spot in the master bedroom and the entry region to the children’s bedrooms on the 2nd floor. Total, horizontal and vertical planes of glass, stone, wood and white stucco are activated by the pervading light to achieve an indoor-outside integration of spaces and kind.

The front of the home expresses the bigger 2 story volume in the background with the one particular story components in the foreground , flanking the slate stone wall.

See of the rear courtyard, (excluding the metal canopy) with all the spaces in the home organized around it. The linear pool offers the focal element, balanced by another slate wall that includes the BAR-B-Q grill inside.”

Photographs by: Robin Hill

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