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Dubrovka Apartment By Za Bor Architects

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Dubrovka Apartment was developed by Za Bor Architects.

Found in Moscow, Russia, the apartment has an location of 614 square feet, and was finished in 2013.

Dubrovka Apartment by Za Bor Architects:

“Architect Peter Zaytsev – the partner in za bor architects – had developed this little apartment for his household. This tiny studio is located on 24th floor of newly constructed «Dubrovskiy» residential constructing in Moscow. Peter Zaytsev thinks, that architecture has to be simple in the context of decoration, but not in the context of shape, that’s why flat is finished in white color, «a easy and modest color».

Central residing area connects a kitchen, a residing space and a bedroom, even though it could be separated with sliding partitions equally. In fully stowed place they can be hidden inside of the wall, and in fully expanded position they separate the total bedroom space. What’s fascinating is that whilst the budget was not too substantial, architect nevertheless had to generate some custom furniture. For instance, in the undertaking there had to be a contrast black bar counter in the kitchen, but after a market place analysis, it was apparent that it is far more hassle-free to buy a custom-built one particular.

At the finish this bar counter became 1 of the primary interior specifics, produced of steel sheets, and completed in aggressive lines. Though, this is not the only difficult and exclusive interior detail – a peculiar reply to it is a special curved mirror frame, which helps make it invisible from the bed.

There are 2 animal silhouettes above the bed, acting as a contrast decoration. Made with a normal black cord, these hare and giraffe symbolize the home owners.”

Photos courtesy of Za Bor Architects

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