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Casa Westway By LRSTUDIO

By Magaly – Classes: Art, Dining Area, Hall and Entrance, Homes, Kitchen, Landscaping, Lighting, Living Room, Remodeling, Rugs, Wall Decor   

Located in McAllen, Texas, Casa Westway is a private residence developed by LRSTUDIO.

Originally built in the 50′s, the residence underwent an extensive renovation to attain the trendy standing it has right now.

Casa Westway by LRSTUDIO:

“Casa Westway is a home that was built in the late 50’s in the downtown of McAllen Tx. The house is composed in a single rectangular form with a standard south Texas 2 pitch roofs. As a Mexican company this was a quite fascinating thing to function with.

The primary notion for the intervention was to brake the shape of the roof into numerous pieces by unfolding the planes that compose it. This give us the possibility to transform the roof into façade technique and the façade method into roof generating spaces in the interior that have richer value of all-natural light and articulation.

In the inside the thought was to open up all the social area in purchase to supply a much more fluent connection between spaces and to connect the interior with the patio in purchase to lengthen the living space to the exterior responding to the end result composition of the roof system advancement.”

Photos courtesy of LRSTUDIO

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