Casa Tiburtina by CAFElab

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Casa Tiburtina was made by CAFElab and is situated in Rome, Italy.

The interior is carried out in a really modern type, in brilliant and vibrant colours.

Casa Tiburtina by CAFElab:

“The 60’s authentic layout, elegant but unsuited to the demands of new buyers, a young family with youthful youngsters has been totally redesigned by the architects Emanuela Carratoni and Fabio Cipriano of CAFElab Studio. Guided by the original strategy, they have made a new articulated layout all around a daring diagonal directrix.

Memory of the unique type

The architects have had particular care to hold the memory of the authentic fashion with a careful choice of coating resources and their application, to integrate them harmoniously with the existing ones.

From a practical level of see, they have obtained a vivid and open residing area and a cozy and properly-defined sleeping location, managing to put in a tiny a lot more than 25 square meters a third bathroom and a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. The authentic type was of wonderful assist and inspiration wood, marble and concrete dialogue with unique shapes and decorations, creating bright interiors with a excellent charm.

The residing spot

In the residing location , the unique marble floor breccia was recovered and supplemented with a paving oak strips mounted plug and inlays obtained by recovering the unique marble. The pillar , treated with a coating that recalls the style of the period, the completed concrete, divided entry and residence.

In the entrance spot, the wood floor and the volume of the ceiling define the 2 visually and physically the path that leads to the rest of the house.

The kitchen

The kitchen is inserted as a separate volume in the living location in an incredibly formal way: an open wedge that splits but at the very same time puts in direct communication the 2 environments.

The guest bedroom

The services entrance leads to a study / guest room, which is completely independent but nonetheless in communication with the rest of the residence the little bathroom is a game of multicolored metro tiles (Ceramica Vogue).

Color, shade and far more shade

The exact same metro tiles, this time white coloured, make the master bathroom really brilliant. In the niches, the customized mosaic styles (Ceramica Vogue) remind the initial pc games, a way to make a enjoyable bath time, perfect for a young household! In the children’s rooms there is an explosion of shade on the walls, in the shades of periwinkle and fuchsia.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom has an remarkable octagonal form.

The bed is in a central position and, behind it, there is a stroll-in closet hidden by a separator that follows the path picked as a directrix during the apartment.

A glass wall, that reproduces the White Center ( yellow , pink and lavander on rose ) by Mark Rothko, separates the bedroom from the bathroom shower.

Here, the brilliant colours are declined in shades of sea with a mosaic glass tiles, appropriate for coating the irregular arrangement of the walls.

The intense colours are lightened by the use of white suspended sanitary and silver shades of glass sink , producing an intimate and calming atmosphere.”

Pictures courtesy of CAFElab

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