Blue Hills by la SHED architecture

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Blue Hills by la SHED architecture is located in Morin-Heights, Canada.

The property is surrounded by a thicket of woods, and its plentiful windows permit the light to inundate the interior.

Blue Hills by la SHED architecture:

“Located on a big property in the forest, this property is implanted on the edge of a slope on this mountainous internet site. In buy to develop an inconspicuous property in the landscape, the property was conceived all on the very same level. The exterior is totally covered with all-natural white cedar siding which will become grey in excess of time so that the residence will be even much more unnoticeable behind the bark of the surrounding trees. The easy and elongated volume of the home is punctuated with perforations forming white alcoves in which were set up the windows.

The interior is all organized close to the kitchen, which is the center of the home. The kitchen is characterized by the presence of 2 large kitchen islands which are functional as properly as creating a convivial ambiance. The living room (residing space and dining area) are located on every single side of the kitchen. These spaces also extends to an outdoor veranda, integrated in the volume of the property. Massive openings on each sides of the house helps offering a feeling of getting outdoors although creating frames on the landscape. Within, the polished concrete slab floor extends outside, the 2 in the veranda and in the tiny alcoves.”

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Images by: Maxime Brouillet

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