Apartment in Belo Horizonte by Gislene Lopes

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This apartment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil was designed by Gislene Lopes.

The interior has a vibrantly colorful style, and mixes a selection of textures and patterns to develop a exclusive effect.

Apartment in Belo Horizonte by Gislene Lopes:

“This apartment is positioned in a constructing made by architect Oscar Niemeyer, in the central area of Belo Horizonte. We carried out a reform environments by integrating all of the apartment, generating a loft. The use of sturdy colours brings a lot more personality to every single room. The option of layout pieces, like the lamp of Micasa and Charles Eames chair, and the use of straight lines and sober create a harmony with all the playful facet of environments.

The parquet flooring mahogany wood in the unique field of the apartment has been maintained and restored. The huge windows, distinctive architecture, accompany every single room with a gorgeous view of the city. The decor looked back up all targeted for these windows without obstructing them and leaving the apartment and brighter. The most clean the toilet was broken employing the ceramic Peacock walls.”

Photographs courtesy of Gislene Lopes

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