2 Oaks Home by OBIA

2 Oaks Residence is a private residence created by OBIA.

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, it has a spacious interior with clear glass walls to allow in all-natural light.

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2 Oaks Residence by OBIA:

“The home is located in a lower-rise residential spot close to Sofia, in the outskirts of Mountain Vitosha. The undertaking was preliminary defined as a contemporary home with rational spaces, really higher power efficiency and indoor climate comfort, totally managed by a creating automation technique.

Major challenge of the layout was the preservation of the 2 existing outdated oaks and their integration in the spaces of the house. The trees create a organic micro-climate and perform as a residing component in the composition. The accent in the style idea was defining the space about them. On one hand the house has to be broad-open in direction of the tree crowns and the yard and on the other was the wish to emphasize on a specified shell or an envelope – explicit and yet really light and airy…, like a paper. Therefore appeared the leading concept – taking the „paper theme” with the inherent residence of folding.

The factors that decide the shape of the developing are the 2 trees, and 1 of them is its spatial and functional emphasis. The living zone at the ground degree is a single area U-shape, consisting of kitchen, dining area and residing space, completely glazed and open in the direction of the yard.

Each and every half of the glazed tiles is a sliding element, so that when all elements are open in summer, the living location turns into covered terrace towards the yard. At this level are placed also the principal entrance and a garage for 2 cars. At the upper degree are located 2 bedrooms, master bedroom and a little workplace. This second level is extensively glazed and open in direction of the trees so that currently being on it feels like a stroll through the crowns on a covered wooden deck.

Preserving the 2 existing trees plays a important role for the thermal stability of the creating with so much glazing of the volume. The oaks serve as a all-natural safety against overheating in summertime, contributing to the geothermal cooling heat-pump method which costs the ground with extreme heat, pumped back during the winter season. When the leafs are fallen off in winter the minimal winter sun penetrates deep in the residing spaces, charging the thermal mass in the floor slabs.

The property is extremely power productive, it has lower-temperature floor heating/cooling with a geothermal heat pump (deep boreholes), triple gas-filled glazing (Uw=1W/m2K), 20-16cm (8-6in) thick glass-wool thermal insulation on the opaque construction. There is also controlled ventilation method with higher degree of heat-recovery.

The house has a full control constructing automation system enabling the user to handle from distance all parameters of the constructing programs as nicely as drawing statistics of the way the house and its energy is utilised over time.”

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Photos by: Georgi Ivanov & Alumina Elit

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