1232 Sunset Plaza By Belzberg Architects

This residence made by Belzberg Architects, located near West Hollywood, California, has not too long ago been listed for sale.



Only on a unusual occasion do we discover a drive-on estate in the Sunset Strip of this scale and capability, positioned just seconds from the famed boulevard’s array of world-class eating places, shopping and night existence.

To journey beyond the grand gates and soaring pepper tree hedge of this Hagy Belzberg-made compound estate is to enter a secluded, resort-like sanctuary the place 3 distinct structures – a Main Residence, Wellness Center and Guest Property – summon you forward, beckoning you to journey by way of their space so they can unveil 1 shock right after another.

Architecturally inspiring, in each look and perform, 1232 Sunset Plaza radiates a warm, California modern day allure draped in sophistication and delight, even though conveying an unmistakable sense of power, volume and boldness. Exterior and interior transitional spaces are wealthy in fluidity so that the capability to enjoy and entertain is constantly wise and effortless.

Sweeping panoramic views of the city, afforded by an limitless amount of vantage points all through the estate, are absolutely nothing short of breathtaking. Equally stunning are the views of the house itself from inside, as architectural and landscape elements serve as artistic expressions and repeatedly delight as one explores the home.
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Architects: Belzberg Architects

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