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Stealthier Desk By Paere Dansk


Paere Dansk launched the Stealth desk at 100% Style in 2012 and at the show in 2013 they will be launching a new ‘Stealthier’ desk.

The in-property team at Paere Dansk took the Stealth desk as a commencing stage and eliminated all metal from the design and style. This is the desk could be ‘stealthier’ in staying away from setting off metal detectors, the brand explains.


The Stealthier desk also functions angled legs, creating the desk seem smaller from particular angles, or as if it is about to scamper away, also presumably to assist in ‘stealth’.


The brand prides itself on creating, collecting and commissioning handcrafted strong wood furnishings and will be launching the Stealthier desk at 25% Design and style along with a series of British designer-maker editions and re-issues of early Danish styles.

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