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First London’s Dover Street. Second Tokyo’s Ginza district. Third New York. The topic in query is the current opening of the retail phenomenon Dover Street Market in midtown NY. The store is set in a Beaux-Arts building formerly housing the New York School of Applied Style for Ladies. 20,000-square-foot of exactly developed keep space rises above the traditional retail emporium producing a surreal experience for the inventive crowd, brought to lifestyle and curated by the forward considering designer Rei Kawakubo.

Brands were provided a free rein to design their very own spaces, after accredited of they were arranged in unlikely manner by Kawakubo, Prada is subsequent to skate brand Supreme. This theme flows during.

A single of the 1st things you recognize on arrival at 160 Lexington Avenue is the unexpected theme overriding all facets, this contains the journey to the store. Nestled in a style totally free location site visitors must assume to uncover themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, so be armed with a map.


Above: Magda Sayeg links floors with knit collage softening the industrial 50′s dining location- Rose Bakery

Notable artists and designers were commissioned to produce installations in purchase to purposefully slot in close to the organized brands and displays. Leo Sewell, Magda Sayeg, and London Fieldworks fashioned the 3 60ft pillars delivering the stability and link to each of the 7 floors. Arakawa & Gins architectural firm made the staircase. Alex da Corte produced a mural, set up shelves attribute by Mark Cooper and 2 pieces by United kingdom artist Lauren Kelly.


Blue  / Black / White / Creating Blocks / Childsplay

Quite an array of different styling methods and resources are visible in the displays as designers depict the signature fashion of the ranges. Trending: Industrial structures, blond, minimal and houses.


Transparent Garment / Transparent-Opaque Assortment / Installation


Sleek / Half painted / Pine / Home Structure


Angular / Industrial / Crane Display / Distressed / Blond


Odd / Irregular / Out increase / Stretched / blond / Print


Clean /  Minimal


Mass / Wooden Lengths / Black / Yellow Highlight / Scaffolding


Sudden / Scrap Wood  / Rauchenbergesque

The 6-storey building is a magnet for style disciples and a haven for retail designers who are seldom fed so considerably inspiration in one particular hit. Typically, it will not be extended before others congregate in the freshly coined up and coming region, not numerous have the presence to create the snowball impact, Rei does.

Through: NY Times

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