Nendo “Paper-Brick” for Pen magazine


Over:  The Paper brick parts by Nendo

Nendo prove their really worth but once more, with the new paper brick designed as an insert in Japanese life style magazine Pen. Here is another design set to appeal to the style neighborhood. The element of surprise underpins Nendo’s products, and they can be certain they will not disappoint their legion of fans this time. Readers have the opportunity to produce a pseudo-3D object by stacking tricolor blocks that seem 3-dimensional.


The attractiveness of the blocks is that there is no danger the blocks will collapse, so it’s possible to make ‘impossible’ forms that defy gravity and perform with shade and perspective.


The Paper-brick can also be enjoyed as a puzzle: if place collectively meticulously, the blocks stack into one particular large cube.


Redefining flat pack.




3D-CAD is about creating virtual 3 -dimensional forms on a 2-dimensional display surface. This toy aims to translate the concept of 3D-CAD into analog kind.

paper-brick07_ayao_yamazaki paper-brick03_ayao_yamazaki paper-brick01_ayao_yamazaki paper-brick13_ayao_yamazaki

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