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Bistrò_Clique swatch-1

British folk were slow on the uptake embracing outdoor living, the unpredictable weather did not aid. The thought of shivering by way of meal on a fresh summer evening would have been deemed ridiculous. How times have changed. The when forgotten outside space is now by several deemed as much as the interior and designers are filling the gap in the market with an array of desirable wares. It is not effortless to find outside furniture to suit the design aware crowd, so here is some inspiration from Milan 2014 to prepare you for the season and whet your appetite.

Paola Lenti introduces Bistrò (over),  a closable sunshade accessible each in a flat and a dome-like edition. Mogambo, fixed sunshade, features a hand woven cover. The sunshades can be finished by the Clique series, poufs and side tables obtainable in diverse dimensions.


Above: Orlando Hero by Paola Lenti


Above:  Portofino by Vincent Van Duysen at Paola Lenti


Red / Orange: Vivid colors pop towards the green backdrop


Over: Portofino folding chairs by Vincent Van Duysen at Paola Lenti

This authentic seating series consists of a chair with armrest, a deck chair, an armchair and a pouf with folding framework made of locust hardwood the removable cover is accessible in many materials for the exterior in the collection.


Above  Square outside furnishings by Sebastian Bergne Ltd. Manufactured by TOG

Square by Sebastian Bergne-1

Over: Square by Sebastian Bergne Ltd. Produced by TOG

Square is a loved ones of outdoor furniture made by Sebastian Bergne for sizzling new furniture style brand TOG. Each solution has been reduced to a handful of key elements that can be picked or customised by the consumer to develop unique or normal goods. We love the clean lines of the meticulously made assortment. The aluminium furniture is tough and ideally suited for the garden, restaurant or Café.

For a lot more info go to:

Paola Lenti / Vincent Van Duysen / Sebastian Bergne / TOG

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