Milan Continued: Nendo exhibited new glasses “works by nendo”


Over: Magne-hinge (glasses)


Nendo is about to revolutionise the optical industry with the magne-hinge glasses. The unstoppable brand impress once more with the style of this pair of eyeglass frames. It is time to do away with the humble screw and employ magnets, making the temples removable and the frames more flexible and difficult to break. 


The temples release smoothly when pulled from the side.


The .8mm carved titanium frames are held inplace by magnets layered and hooked with each other.


End users can customize to generate diverse appears by getting temples in distinct colors and resources.

11 magne-hinge07_akihiro_yoshida magne-hinge08_akihiro_yoshida magne-hinge09_akihiro_yoshida magne-hinge10_akihiro_yoshida


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