Bathroom Information: Block of colour

Microsoft Word - VitrA - Water Jewels in colour-4.doc

Over: New Water Jewels basin, by Matteo Thun


This seasons colourful bathroom wares are grabbing headlines. Do they transport you back to the era of the avocado suite?  Some shudder at the mention of the 70′s bathroom trend, other folks embrace the directional seem. Which side of the fence are you on?

Would you be tempted to attempt a block of colour in your white bathroom? Let’s face it most of us personal a single and tread with caution. VitrA have new  versions of their much-loved Water Jewels collection, we adore the blue and white sink. Sufficient to tempt you? It is perfect for individuals who are nervous to inject also considerably colour into their lives.

Microsoft Word - VitrA - Water Jewels in colour-4.doc

The green / white colourway.


Alternatively you could usually include a vivid cupboard instead. Laufen are embracing the sturdy color trend with many of its ranges accessible in hues in line with this season’s ‘must-have’ Pantone colors.Their leading shades for Spring 2014 incorporate Radiant Orchid, Placid Blue, Dazzling Blue and Hemlock, all of which are emulated on the furniture.


If you prefer neutrals the Water Jewel basin is available in a black /white version best the more subdued palette.

VitrA- Water Jewels, square bowl 40cm, pearl white and black £400 (0013854_2) small Microsoft Word - VitrA - Water Jewels in colour-4.doc

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