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This Luxurious Seaside Villa Sits on One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

A 5-kilometer long stretch of tropical paradise filled with white sand, gentle waves and an old casuarinas forest that offers ample cover and privacy to everyone relaxing and rejuvenating here – Non Nuoc Beach in Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque on the planet. It is also a visitor’s paradise with luxurious hotels and villas spread all over this enchanting coastline. It is in this idyllic setting that one discovers the gorgeous and stunning Naman Villa designed by MIA Design Studio. A series of 40 villas spread across the coastline, today, we take a look at one of the four types of villas that are a part of this exclusive project. Read More

You Can Stay at This Vernacular-Style Beach House in Sri Lanka

This unusual looking guesthouse in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, was recently completed by Chinthaka Wickramage Associates. Issana Beach House is located 200 kilometers (125 miles) away from the bustling capital of Colombo and is a comfortable stopover for those looking to explore the country’s South Coast beaches. Read More

Wood and Steel Entertainment Unit Becomes the Highlight of This Israeli Home

Giving a home that is over 20 years old a new lease of life takes a bit of doing. Nestled in Shoham, Israel, this particular home was in need of a smart makeover that suited the new lifestyle of its homeowners. With the kids having moved out and the parents finding new space (and purpose) This Is It transformed the home into a relaxing and efficient setting where the public and private spaces are cleverly intertwined. The highlight of the rejuvenated residence with a more modern and polished interior is undoubtedly its living room entertainment unit that steals the show with its mere presence! Read More

This Modern Boat House in Winter Doubles as a Scenic Summer Retreat

Nestled on the edge of a charming fjord in the US and overlooking a picturesque landscape that takes you away from the constant rush of concrete jungles, the Hood Canal Boat House is one of those amazing, idyllic escapes that most of us dream about! Designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer and sitting on the wonderful banks of Hood Canal, this revamped boathouse combines modernity with durability and efficiency to make most of the limited square footage on the inside. With a concrete and steel structure, the exterior of the boathouse is designed to withstand the wear and tear of the harsh winters in the region. Read More

Uncovered Brick plus Natural Greenery Bring Quality to this Chinese language Office

Contemporary workplaces have come a considerable ways from dull cubicles from the past along with a never-ending ocean of grey and beige. Today’s workplaces are all regarding combining function, relaxation plus an welcoming environment using a touch associated with creativity plus uniqueness. Every single office space desires a character of its very own; one that displays the cast of the company it retains. Bloom Style Studio within Shenzhen , China comes after this route with an indoor that is mostly clad within white plus filled with lots of natural light. Interior plants plus exposed packet wall areas usher within the necessary ambiance and comparison even as the particular beautifully lighted company logo embraces clients plus employees. Read More

This particular Refined Foreign Home Rests Between the Rock as well as a Hard Location!

Unbelievable as it might sound; this particular expansive Foreign home will indeed sit down exactly in between a giant stone on one aspect of the house plus another on the other hand! And yet Hair Architects handles to turn exactly what seems like the crippling problème into an edge as they used rocky ground to their benefit with a spectacular basement which is etched in to the formation in addition to a super-cool 6 car basements. The list associated with impressive functions at the 2 Rock Home go beyond simply its general presence like a 25-meter lengthy infinity-edge panel pool, double-story music business in the back and capturing living locations steal the particular show using their sheer flamboyance. Read More

This Refined Dog Salon in Japan Has a Chic Personality of its Own!

Even your pawed friends need to be pampered once in a while and even though they do get plenty of care and attention at home, a trip to the Dog Salon does sound far more exciting! That is definitely the case if you happen to be in the neighborhood of this chic and unique dog salon designed by Hidenori Tsuboi Architects in Kashiba city, Japan. Dog Salon Rappa has an identity of its even when viewed from the street as its unique brick exterior inspired by the design of a classic dog house attracts your attention instantly. Read More

Enchanting Cantilevered Construction Meets Environmentally friendly Design with this Lake Home

A attractive backdrop which is enriched simply by Lake The state of michigan and a peaceful setting which allows the modern home in the downroad to grab the display – this particular lakeside home in Leelanau County, The state of michigan has a lot going for this! Designed by Desai Chia Structures in participating with Atmosphere Architects , this spectacular contemporary home instantly holds your interest with the 20-foot-long cantilevered top level plus a charred wooden exterior that will dubbed ‘shou sugi ban’. The darkish exterior enables the home outstanding visually whilst ensuring that this melts away in to darkness right after sunset. Read More