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Technological Ingenuity Defining New Shoebaloo Flagship Keep in Amsterdam

architecture modern shoe store
Dutch architecture firm MVSA Architects turned to HI-MACS® to produce 1 the new flagship store for Shoebaloo, a prestigious Dutch luxury shoe and accessories company. The historical center of Amsterdam is characterized by an interwoven framework of person plots, which is why this Shoebaloo keep has an open storefront on the 1st floor of the facade, flanked by two narrow Belgian bluestone piers that reinforce the individuality of the building. As opposed to the bulk of the other Shoebaloo stores, with a closed, mysterious display window that reveals little of what lies behind, the concept of this new keep is a planet that would seem open and transparent to the outside.
design modern shoe storeThe glass front has an elliptical bright white show window the place the versions are displayed, which steadily transforms into two openings that appear into the shop from the street. On the inside, a dynamic play of lines emerges from the show window, forming curved surfaces with various heights and dimensions and integrated lighting, the place the footwear are displayed. The store comprises two elliptical spaces that gravitate towards every other in the center. At the rear is the counter and a large vertical elliptic vitrine, as effectively as a smaller show that houses equipment. The freestanding mirrors and seating elements were customized-created. Read More

Daily life Saving Technological innovation Helps Workers Escape Burning Skyscrapers [Video]

evacuator system skyscraper design Life Saving Technology Helps Workers Escape Burning Skyscrapers [Video]Residents and workers in skyscrapers and other tall buildings are often trapped in situation of a fire. The newly created Evacuator delivers a final resort, enabling them to slowly and safely descend on a steel cable outdoors of the developing. Throughout the world the gadget can conserve thousands of lives, from residents in tall buildings to mechanics in wind turbines. Dutch inventors Eugene Verstegen and Joris Veeger stated: &#8220If you are residing or working in a tall developing, you should be capable to get out at all occasions. We can put men and women on the moon. Why is there no easy answer for evacuations from fantastic heights?
evacuator system skyscraper ideas Life Saving Technology Helps Workers Escape Burning Skyscrapers [Video]
With each other with a skilled engineering organization they developed a fireproof steel winch, which is assured to perform at all instances, even when electricity is down. The device makes it possible for 4 individuals at the exact same time to descend 50, 140 or 300 meters. They instantly descend in a safety harness on a steel cable, at a velocity of 1 meter per 2nd. The Evacuator is people’s final resort if elevators are switched off, emergency exits are filled with smoke and firemen can not reach them. ,,What the airbag is for autos, the Evacuator is for tall buildings. With this technological innovation we can conserve lives in 99 % of all tall buildings in the globe,” Verstegen states. Check out out the video and allow us know what you think about this groundbreaking notion! Read More

Interweaving the Threads of Technological innovation and Tradition: LACESCAPE TABLE

design modern table Interweaving the Threads of Technology and Tradition: LACESCAPE TABLE
The task LACESCAPE TABLE by Miro Roman &amp Luka Vlahović interweaves the threads of engineering and tradition. It was devised by Croatian girls lace-makers, and totally digitally designed and fabricated. LACESCAPE TABLE is an idea and a idea which incorporates an total population of tables.  It is exactly due of the abundance of numerous expressions of lace-producing that the designers do not limit themselves to creating a single table that will display the single most beautiful Croatian lace: &#8220Rather, we direct our target on a series of objects that will celebrate the richness and diversity of Croatian lace-creating: the beautiful and the mesmerizing patterns, the imperfect and the flawless ones&#8220, explained the developers. Read More