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Revolutionary Turning Boxes Adapting Sharifi-ha Home to the Climate Modifications of Tehran

architecture modern residence8 Innovative Turning Boxes Adapting Sharifi ha House to the Climate Changes of Tehran
Nextoffice – Alireza Taghaboni completed the style and development of Sharifi-ha Property, an innovative residence that can ingeniously adapt to the climate adjustments in Tehran, Iran. The is due to the displacement of turning boxes that lead the building’s volume to turn out to be open or closed, introverted or extroverted: &#8220Here, the openness /closure of the building’s volume is a reference to classic Iranian homes, which would dynamically serve as seasonal modes of habitation by supplying each a Zemestan-Neshin (a winter residing room) and Taabestan-Neshin (a summer time residing space) to their residents&#8221. Uncertainty and flexibility lie at the heart of this project’s design and style concept. Read More