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Spacious Micro-Apartment for the International Nomad: Zoku Loft in Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam is a new variety of hotel advertising the idea of a spacious micro-apartment for international nomads. Made by Concrete Architectural Associates, The Zoku Loft provides a spacious encounter in a space of at least 25 square meters. In accordance to the task developers, &#8220it offers a stylish and spatial come to feel due to its versatile interior with a concentrate on the living and operating area as an alternative of the sleeping region.&#8221 Aimed to meet the residing needs of traveling professionals, the style of this tiny flat is a property-workplace hybrid, ideal for the two brief phrase and longer stays.
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Here is a short excerpt from the official description offered by the architects: &#8220In lieu of the bed, the central component is a four-particular person table that can be used to operate, eat or unwind. The living region consists of a comfortable two-seater sofa that enables visitors to relax, receive business, read a book or observe Television. The so-known as ‘Rest’ sofa by the stylish and best-high quality Danish furnishings brand Muuto was specifically adapted for Zoku. The clever kitchen layout gives all the required comforts with equipment by Siemens, like an induction cooker, a sink, a dishwasher, a fridge/freezer, a microwave and a coffee machine.&#8221 What are your thoughts on this new hotel concept? Would you consider going to it in the course of your following Amsterdam escape? [Photography by Ewout Huibers]
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