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Big Round Mirrors in Interior Design: 5 Golden Rules

A round mirror is a simple, long known and trendy piece of home décor. Super super trendy. But what we’re supposed to do about it is not quite clear. The thing is a mirror is a showy designer trick per se. And when a rare and expressive round shape is coupled with an extra big size to crown it all, it becomes a too powerful interior tool. And a powerful weapon requires accurate and delicate handling. That is why we decided to collect tips on using big round mirrors from professional and experienced decorators and designers. And here is what we found out. Read More

Private Street Façade and an Open Interior Revitalize Mandanila House

From the usual array of home renovations in the west, today we move on to the Far East with a fabulous and functional home makeover in Denpasar, Bali. Set on a 320-square-meter lot, the house was in need of a smart makeover that combines complete privacy with an interior that is open to the garden outside. The rare combination of these two contrasting elements was needed as the house sits exactly opposite to a school. This meant that the street façade of the house needed to keep away the noise and the rush while the interior is filled with ample natural light and freshness using a smart hallway and a lush front garden. Read More

Informal Cube: Minimal Urban House in White with a Multi-Level Interior

Natural light and a breezy ambiance are increasingly becoming the two most essential components of contemporary homes. Homeowners want an interior that is both relaxing and efficient, allowing them to escape the constant urban rush with ease. Informal Cube in Rotterdam is no different as it combines a multi-level living environment with a white brick exterior and a public-private space that welcomes guests gleefully. Designed by Jvantspijker, the minimal, curated design of the building is carried inside with an open plan living that is also clad in white. Read More

11 cool benches for interior design, launched within 2017

Here are some awesome benches, traditional, modern or even unusual, upholstered or not, released in 2017. Usually whenever thinking in a bench, very first thing that arrives to your mind is really a public region or a backyard patio. Yet what about by using this piece of furniture being a space conserving solution inside a dining region or workplace waiting room? 2017 bench design ideas Eating benches are basic pieces of furniture plus they are not specifically a new idea, but with residing spaces getting increasingly expensive plus smaller, these types of pieces of furniture have become more and more well-known. Small areas can be a actual challenge with regards to decorating, yet that does not suggest you cannot normally create attractive areas using the space you might have in a intelligent way plus maximizing this.
Nowadays, benches start to be used being a stylish match up for conventional dining dining tables, breakfast nooks and even for your kitchen counter tops. There are a large number of cool benches that come within magnificent designs. These styles, not only are usually eye catching products but will definitely boost both form plus function of the dining inner surface. Read More

6 Ideas of Using Plywood in Interior Design

Plywood is one of trendiest materials in the world of interior design. Until very recently it has been deemed suitable exclusively in refurbishment work, but its high practical and aesthetical features have made it a popular finishing material among leading designers. And it’s not surprising: plywood is easy to care, extremely flexible, waterproof, durable and pleasing to the eye. That’s why today we decided to show you a collection of ideas dedicated to the use of plywood in interior design. Read More