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Charming and Classy Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Wooden countertops are a popular choice among many homeowners who love a classy kitchen with an elegant and traditional look. But it’s not just about the looks – first and foremost, wood is a great sustainable material. It’s a great surface to work on, whether you’re cutting up the produce or preparing your meals, it will always work in your favor. Since there is a big variety of wood to choose from you can find exactly the type that fits your taste and aligns with the vision of your dream kitchen. Find some inspiration in our collection of charming and classy wooden kitchen countertops! Read More

14 Concrete Countertops That Demonstrate This Materials Fits Any Decor

Concrete countertops have some critical positive aspects over granite and other well-liked stone toppers. Concrete can be dyed any color (or have colorful or shiny bits additional into it). It can get nearly any dimension or form, which is best for modest or exclusive spaces and tends to make area for creativity in execution. Read More

Storage-Pleasant Accessory Trends for Kitchen Countertops

There&#8217s a good deal a lot more that goes on in the kitchen than just cooking. For numerous residence owners, it&#8217s the main room where they devote their time eating, entertaining, studying, relaxing, and even working. With all that exercise taking place, it&#8217s not all that unusual to view your kitchen countertops slowly but absolutely become completely covered in clutter above the course of just a couple of days. So if you&#8217re exhausted of consistently obtaining packages of meals, containers, bottles, dirty dishes, final week&#8217s junk mail, the little ones&#8217 homework, and all kinds of other things currently being parked on the kitchen countertops far too usually, then maybe it&#8217s time for a storage overhaul. Right here are some cool (but easy) methods you can maximize the surface spot of your countertops, but still hold it functional! Read More

Scorching Trends: Speaking Glass Countertops With Vladimir Fridman [Interview]

Want to include uniqueness to your trendy kitchen?  Pondering about filling it with a multitude of textures and fascinating patterns? Then why not give gorgeous glass countertops a shot! From the exciting backsplash to the exquisite backlit countertop, glass is the hottest new trendsetter in kitchen layout. And CGD Glass Countertops is 1 of the worldwide leaders in the market that gives its consumers with an incredible array of options when it comes to decorating their home with glass. Decoist caught up with the founder of CGD, Vladimir Fridman, to give our readers an insight into what goes into the story behind glass countertops. Read More

15 Kitchens With Stainless Steel Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, why go with stainless steel? For a single thing, this metallic material is very sturdy. No wonder so numerous industrial kitchens function stainless steel! On that note, stainless steel can produce an industrial appear, yet it&#8217s so versatile that it can also look sleek in the correct setting. Not to mention, many bistro kitchens characteristic this material on the counters. Then there&#8217s the ability of stainless steel to reflect the light, which adds a useful and fashionable degree of brightness to your culinary space. Read More

Guidelines For Picking The Best Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is identified as the heart of the residence.  It is one particular of the places inside of the residence that a very good portion of the household activity takes place.  So the appear and efficiency of the kitchen is quite essential to the worth of the property.  As a result, when you are looking for diverse resources for the countertops are confident to do the analysis prior to making any choices.  You not only want the elegance of the materials that you pick but also the knowledge of the sturdiness and servicing of the materials.  Use the guidelines beneath to help you find the best countertop for you and your loved ones. Read More