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Traditional Californian Bungalow Transformed into 2 Modern Family members Homes

There are times when aged structures are usually altered extremely slightly to support changing life-style and contemporary needs. After that there are events when it must give way in order to new houses on the same great deal because of significantly altered requirements. Having currently lived within a Californian bungalow on the same great deal for over 4 decades, the proprietors of Wa Avenue Townhouses wanted 2 new houses replacing their own aged home. One of the 2 wonderful houses was to get the home for the moms and dads while the bigger house within the rear required to accommodate their particular son great young household. Pandolfini Designers stepped into offer the essential solution! Read More

Shingle-Style Californian House Blends Organic Majesty along with Modernity

Taking tips from nearby architecture as well as the buildings appreciated past, the particular Marin Region Residence was created by Master Warner Designers to create a link between 2 different eras. The exterior of the home and its general silhouette imitate the form of the classic shingle-style residence which is all too typical in this component of California. Additionally, it gives the home owners a sense of reminiscence as they are usually constantly reminded of their earlier, more traditional house on the same great deal. Replacing the structure using a more modern, useful and light-filled home plus a pool home, the tasks also really does its better to preserve the particular natural panorama around this. Read More

Single-Household Californian Residence Reinterprets the Classic Pitched Roof

How do you go about creating a residence that blends in with a community that is filled with standard properties even even though offering it a distinct, contemporary vibe that sets it apart? This is exactly the fine line that Baran Studio had to tread as they went about shaping a wonderful, single-family residence in a serene residential neighborhood of North Oakland district, California. Dubbed as the 58th Street Project, the stunning home showcases a sensible fusion of the previous and the new as a traditional pitched roof is reinvented to wrap-all around exterior skin that extends all the to the entrance. Read More

Wavy Modern day Extension Enlivens 1920’s Californian Bungalow in Hobart

Sandy Bay in Hobart is renowned for sunshine, surf and beautiful beaches. But the stunning Winscombe Extension brings forth a totally various kind of wave as its most current addition moves away from rigid, straight lines and embraces a more fluid silhouette. The 1920’s Californian Bungalow was in urgent need of a sensible and modern extension that not only added to its living area, but also altered the ambiance of the interior and gave it a cheerful, urban appeal. Made by Preston Lane Architects, the fascinating rear addition achieves precisely this as it visually flows into the backyard. Read More

Expansive Californian Property Blends Privacy with a Pretty Landscape

We frequently see how the landscape and the contours of a whole lot figure out the all round silhouette of a home and define its ambiance. Positioned in Mountain See, California, this lovely, modern home is a perfect situation in the level as the surrounding landscape and the presence of a residential street in shut proximity shape its fashion and framework. Created by Atelier Hsu, the Mountain View Residence is spread across 2,200 square feet and its spacious interiors open up towards the large outside patio even as the street façade offers ample privacy. Making a stability among lovely indoor-outdoor interplay and total solitude, the house is developed in the kind of a ‘series of graduating volumes’. Read More

Ingenious Californian House Captures Spectacular Views And Sustainability!

Architecture that offers out of the box style answers captures your attention immediately and transforms a basic residence into inimitable and exquisite house. The exclusive Moose Street Residence is 1 such amazing structure that gives its residents incredible ‘framed views’ of three scenic landscapes even even though ensuring that the current greenery is left untouched. Combining aesthetics, economic frugality and eco-conscious design, this charming home in California crafted by Mork-Ulnes Architects is all about intelligent sustainability. Read More

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Californian Coastal Type And Iconic Décor Define Austrian House A&B

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria, House A&ampB appears absolutely nothing like the typical modern Austrian house. Adopting a design style that was so common across the Californian Coastline in the 70s and 80s, the residence is all about embracing the chic American coastal search. Blending pristine white with beautiful blues and turquoise, you would be tempted to feel that the Pacific is just a stone’s throw away from the relaxed backyard of the property. An integrated pool and garden even more support usher in the beachy vibe at this fashionable summer time retreat. Read More

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Cool Californian Residence Provides Exquisite Views And Serenity With Type

Renovations and residence upgrades are more difficult than they seem on the surface. They call for cautious arranging, right execution and ample creativity. Owners of the Portola Valley Home in California wished a elegant present day vibe for their 1980’s residence. Nestled amidst lush green vegetation and sitting on a hillside, the revamped residence brings collectively luxurious interior with wonderful a see of the woods. The project was finished by Mark Brand Architecture, who altered the previous living strategy with open and flowing contemporary design. Read More