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When Kitchen Equipment Grow To Be Decor: Creating A Practical Culinary Space

There’s a magic that transpires when artful objects meet sensible goods on a kitchen shelf. Maybe it’s the way the newest in coffee press technologies cleverly combines with a vase of fresh flowers. Or the way a assortment of pots and pans beautifully contrasts a bowl of lemons. Perhaps it’s due to the fact I have shelf room for a small display in my present kitchen…lately I’ve been interested in the concept of culinary decor. Massive kitchens, tiny kitchens–they all have the electrical power to make a statement with the contents they hold.

It helps make sense that a area filled with functional products would get decorative electrical power from the clever arrangement of those products, particularly since many of them are superbly made. Let’s face it–there’s a whirlwind of kitchen innovation in right now’s culinary globe. And if counter room is restricted and storage even far more scarce, why not let the cook’s equipment grow to be the decor?! The consequence: a display that is useful, industrial and very fascinating! Right now we take a look at some beautiful arrangements for your decorating inspiration…

Kitchens Featuring Artful Vignettes

We start by zooming out and enjoying an overview of a number of nicely-made kitchen layouts. If you’re lucky sufficient to have open shelving, you know the likely for ample display. One particular of today’s best trends: hanging pots, pans, devices and equipment along the length of the wall, especially the area above the stove. That way, everything you require is in arm’s attain! Also note the assortment of glass and ceramic items on the shelving in the culinary room beneath. [from Chris A. Dorsey Photography]

Functional kitchen with ample shelving

Functional kitchen with ample shelving

We see a similar search in the following featured room, which takes pride in its valuable components rather than hiding them behind closed doors… [from Corynne Pless Styles]

Open kitchen filled with gadgets and tools

Open kitchen filled with devices and equipment

In my kitchen, an entire shelf is devoted to the show of glass cake stands. Even though the look is lovely, these pieces get significantly use at my house, specifically when a lot more than 1 dessert is served. We see glass dessert stands on an upper shelf in the kitchen beneath, along with fresh fruit that’s ready to be used in the latest culinary creation! [from Lonny] 

Interesting kitchen displays on open shelving

Fascinating kitchen displays on open shelving

Cutting boards, knives and spatulas are on show in the area below, along with decorative things this kind of as branches and a bowl of fresh citrus fruit. Note how it doesn’t consider considerably to flip a spread of valuable merchandise and resources into an artful assortment of treasures. Some blossoming sticks and a ceramic bowl are all you need to highlight the a lot more sensible objects in the room! [from Avenue]

Cutting boards and tools on a kitchen counter

Cutting boards and equipment on a kitchen counter

In basic, it’s helpful to keep the objects you use most in the accessible parts of your space. For instance, mixing spoons, knives and tea kettles work properly on countertops. Nevertheless the area over your kitchen cabinets can hold objects that aren’t in use as frequently. Combine these merchandise with ar2rk and other decorative statements for a beautiful spread that draws the eye upward. [from CSS Architecture]

Sleek kitchen decor

Sleek kitchen decor

Often less is much more. Note how a collection of copper pots is a beautiful, stark contrast to the silver-toned accents in the white space below. A minor goes a long way… [from Poggenpohl]

Copper cookware on kitchen shelves

Copper cookware on kitchen shelves

Pots and Pans as Decor

We now zoom in on some certain kitchen things that have the power to make an artful statement time and time once more. And yes, pots and pans are the perfect way to fill a big shelving area, particularly if cabinet space is scarce. Below we see several pieces from the Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set, offered at West Elm. Also note the interest designed by the clay tagine lid… Don’t be afraid to combine and match utilitarian pieces:

Stainless steel cookware set

Stainless steel cookware set

We see one more vignette featuring this same set of pots and pans in the following featured picture… We’re loving the way sheer decorative items mix with helpful kitchen items in one particular steady spread on the shelf in excess of the stove:

Artful vignette in an eclectic kitchen

Artful vignette in an eclectic kitchen

Warm metallic accents are the most current in kitchen goods and decor–we’re seeing the shiny golden glow on everything from coffee presses to cutlery. When used to contrast the standard amazing tones of pots, appliances and much more, they certainly pack a strong punch. On the shelving beneath, we see Brooklyn Copper Cookware Saucepans from West Elm:

Beautifully appointed modern kitchen

Superbly appointed modern day kitchen

Enamelware is also creating a comeback! Pots, kettles and canisters are a couple of of the methods this valuable material is re-emerging in culinary spaces, as shown in the assortment of products from West Elm featured below:

White enamel canisters and other kitchen equipment

White enamel canisters and other kitchen gear

Coffee Gadgets Galore

Time for coffee speak… With division stores like JCPenney devoting an total segment to coffee presses, it’s clear that the most current in caffeinated drink technology is meeting the best of merchandise design. And the benefits are practically nothing less than gorgeous. If you’re a coffee aficionado, use this reality to your advantage. Allow your gadgetry get the decorative lead in your kitchen… [from Bridal Manual]

Coffee gadgets on shelving

Coffee gadgets on shelving

Foodies all in excess of the globe are delighting in the most recent kitchen obsession: the golden coffee press! Firms like Bodum are producing each and every merchandise count, specially when it comes to the design and style and the finish. And there’s absolutely nothing like a dose of gold to greet you in the morning with your milk and sugar! Why would you hide an item like this behind closed cabinet doors?! [from M Loves M]

Gold coffee press

Gold coffee press

Don’t neglect that vintage coffee pots and tea kettles can make a powerful statement in your area, even if they aren’t in hefty use. A single of my favorite kitchen objects is an Ar2rk Deco teapot that I show on my shelving, along with the coffee press and glass teapot I use on a standard basis. It’s the best artistic statement to tie all 3 products together! [from Lonny]

Accessories on kitchen shelving

Equipment on kitchen shelving

Containers Consider Center Stage

Consider and incorporate by yourself. Or far better nevertheless, don’t! Some containers are meant to be out in the open. For instance, these red Rectangular Biscuit Tins from West Elm are the best mix of function and style. Show them wisely…

Practical and decorative items on kitchen shelving

Practical and decorative things on kitchen shelving

And I’ve by no means hidden my affection for stainless steel canisters, particularly given that they maintain products this kind of as flour, sugar and grains inside arms reach. I’m partial to the ones that come with small attached spoons for simple scooping! [from Lonny]

Canisters on kitchen shelving

Canisters on kitchen shelving

Kitchen Tools on Display

Ultimately, we finish with gadgets and tools that hang on wall-mounted strips in a constant line. Ladles, oven mitts, stirring spoons–you can preserve them off the counter even though generating them a element of the decor. And there’s some thing about the modern, industrial search that final results from a collection of well-created utilitarian objects. [from No Drilling Required]

Wall-mounted gadgets in a sleek kitchen

Wall-mounted devices in a sleek kitchen

We see a comparable (but much more sparse) look in the fashionable kitchen under. White cabinets and black gridded tile–a backdrop like this was meant to be complemented by gadgetry in stainless steel, black and white! [from ADARC]

Sleek display of kitchen equipment

Sleek show of kitchen gear

We end with one far more kitchen that will take pride in the equipment it holds. We’re loving this “hanging gadget” approach to galley kitchens, which are historically brief on area. Note how a clean-lined show of pots and equipment in rows assists the room to stay clean and uncluttered. [from Lonny]

Pots and gadgets become the decor

Pots and gadgets become the decor

What shall we contact this display-heavy strategy to kitchen design? “Culinary chic”?! What ever you get in touch with it, we’re absolutely followers! How do you add functional design to your kitchen? Share your ideas by leaving a comment beneath…

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