Vacation Houses In The Swiss Alps Showcase The Beauty Of Solid Timber

Positioned in the image-excellent little town of Leis that dates back to the early 1300 and is surrounded by the majesty of the gorgeous Swiss Alps, the twin holiday retreats by Peter Zumthor resonate uncompromised lavishness. Covered in rich wooden hues, the 2 the interiors and the exterior of the Oberhus and Unterhus cabins supply a snug and elegant modern getaway that is surrounded by the snow-clad skiing slopes each and every winter. An idyllic, serene escape that all year round, the gorgeous getaway houses search all the much more magnificent every single winter as guests are handled to a magical white Christmas!

peter zumthor's vacation home in leis

Available for renting from Zumthor Ferienhäuser, the wonderful timber-clad structures present a best contrast to the breathtaking exterior even as the wonderful decor within brings in a luxurious contemporary vibe. Huge glass windows make sure that the visitors here get an unabated see of the stunning outside. The living space is housed on the best degree, which helps make for a excellent gathering room as you consider in the many sights and sounds of Leis. Relaxed and spacious bedroom with sliding glass doors and excellent modern bathroom comprehensive the getaway houses.

Wodden exterior of the lovely swiss alp skiing retreats Timber filled interiors of the Peter Zumthror retreats Kitchen area with the iconic egg chair in red View outside of Unterhus large glass windows offer views of snowy ski slopes Modern bedroom in the swiss alps retreat

Each and every of the houses accommodates around 4-5 visitors comfortably and you are bound to locate undisturbed tranquility and exquisite luxury here all year round. The strong timber construction adds to the experience as it has a tangible presence – soft and near to the entire body, it gleams gently and silkily in the light!

Snow-clad surroundings of Unterhus retreat in Switzerland Snow clad peaks of Leis in wintertime Green surroundings of Unterhus during summer Alps transform into a green setting post winter Lovely view of Leis nestled in the Swiss Alps Beautiful holiday retreat in Swiss alps Stunning swiss skiing slopes around vacation homes View of the Winter retreats froma distance

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