Unique Minimalist Bathroom With Sleek Style And Striking Aesthetics

Modern design and style is certainly all about sleek, straight lines that usher in wonderful definition along with a sense of sophistication. The beautiful Rivo from Scavolini fits this billing flawlessly as it brings together minimum type and effortless functionality to provide you a useful and beautiful bathroom. Combining numerous modular units that can be interchanged to suit your personal personal wants and the room constraints of your bathroom, every Rivo has a distinctive and custom-made fashion of its own. Nevertheless, at the core of it all are the brilliant floating vanities which give the bathroom its inimitable and distinct appeal.

Suspended modules of the minimalist Rivo Bathroom

Rivo comes with a bundle of varied choices that enables you to choose from an innovative configuration of bathroom vanities and floating shelves that are perfect for your home. The square-shaped wall-hanged modules can be combined with other shower cubicles and even freestanding bathtubs to carry house that spa-like luxury which you have often craved for. Scavolini also delivers some exclusive washbasins that accentuate the appeal of these floating vanities even although blending in seamlessly with the colour scheme of your fancy.

Much like the ravishing Aquo that we have earlier come across, the Rivo is an additional ergonomic and productive bathroom design and style from Scavolini that is all about modern minimalism and modular ease. Offered in a multitude of decorative, lacquered and wooden finishes, this bathroom delivers both comfort and creativity!

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