twelve Elegant Bar Carts With Remarkable Design and style

If you adore to entertain, contemplate adding a bar cart to your area. There’s almost nothing far better than a mobile bar! For cocktail events, it is a drink station, and for dinner events it can be your serving trolley. Bar carts are completely in fashion and search excellent with any decor. Your bar cart is not only practical, but it is a stylish way to display your gorgeous bar accessories.

Nova 68 bar cart

Your bar is a location to have fun and demonstrate off your sense of fashion. So consider what style best suits you and your décor. You can go glam with a vintage brass cart, rustic with a wood cart, contemporary in stainless steel . . . the choices are endless. When selecting out your cart, really don’;t neglect to evaluate the functionality. Do you want 2 shelves or 3? If you are going to be wheeling your bar all around usually, a fixed-shelved cart is advised for additional stability. As soon as you’ve found the best cart, it is time for styling! [above is the Circa model from Nova68, which goes for $ 1,250]

Give Your Bar an Identity

When picking how to fashion your bar cart, occasionally it is easiest to first discover the language to describe its type. Is your bar a saloon, a cantina, a nightclub, or a swanky lounge? All of these locations have very distinct designs.  If you want to convey a saloon, take into account incorporating a lot of wood, a horseshoe, an antler bottle opener, and some powerful whiskey. A cantina? Get a cactus, a bowl of limes, and undoubtedly margarita glasses. A nightclub? Uncover shot glasses, sexy bottles, and please really do not forget the disco ball! Okay, people are a bit extreme, but you get the thought – give your bar an identity and type it with that vision in thoughts. [from Domino, HGTV]

A3_Bar_Cart Original_Bar-Gallery-Jeanine-Hays-Bar-Carts-Trad-Wooden-Bar-Cart_s3x4_lg

Locate Beautiful Bottles

On your bar cart, you want to present off the greatest of the very best. When you are shopping for your drink of decision, get something that’s stylish and satisfies your taste buds alike. That rule goes for all of the containers on your bar. Your glasses, ice bucket, and shaker should all be worthy of display. Be cautious not to overdo it.  You do not have to show all of your bar add-ons, just a carefully curated selection of the very best. [from At the Picket Fence]


For a more constant appear, use decanters to display your spirits. For added function, I like to adorn my bottles with metal decanter labels – they search like jewellery for your bottles. [from Restoration Hardware]


Organize with a Tray

Use one or numerous trays to segment off locations of your bar cart. You can organize all of your bottles or glasses on separate trays for an organized appear. [from Lemon Stripes]


Add Personal Touches

Not every little thing on your bar cart has to be bar related. Some items need to be there just for design. Although your personal touches will all be distinctive, below are a couple of examples.

This cart is styled with a quirky brass unicorn figurine, feminine ar2rk, matchsticks, and books. In excess of anything at all else on the bar, these are the intriguing aspects that give it a sense of style. [from Shop Society Social]

brass accent bar cart

This bar cart is surely eccentric! Those tropical accents are undeniably Full of personality. [from Shop Society Social]

Bar cart styling

Choose Fruit or Flowers

Fresh fruit or flowers include a good touch of colour to your bar although you are entertaining. You can also decorate with other fresh drink garnishes this kind of as twisted orange peel, mint leaves, or cherries. [from Amy Lau Layout, Hillary Thomas]

Bar cart with flowers Bar cart with fruit and flowers

Contemplate Where You Park Your Cart

Though your cart is mobile, it will devote vast majority of the time parked in 1 spot. So do not overlook to fashion the spot surrounding your bar cart. You can embellish the walls above your bar by hanging art salon-fashion as Kyle DeWoody has done in her New York City apartment. [from Vogue]


You can also hang a lot more bar storage above your cart. Take into account a cabinet or open shelving. [from Amy Lau Design and style]

Cabinet above bar cart

I hope you’re inspired to commence styling your bar cart. Make it a party on wheels! Do you have any much more styling ideas for bar carts? We’d enjoy to hear from you under.

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