Traditional Interior Decoration with French Accents

This house is a perfect example of elegant colors and amazing European textures. The Mediterranean style of architecture and interiors is becoming a favorite amongst everyone. The Mediterranean style is depicted in a bit of a variation in countries like Greece, Spain and Italy. There is a heavy Moroccan influence on the Spanish style of décor. The cool look that you can get with wrought iron, stucco walls, patterned tiles and bright textured fabrics is unmatched.

There is also a lot of influence of the sea, such as the deep blue, crisp aqua shades in the décor which is so typically Mediterranean. The whitewashed floors teamed with white plastered walls give a strong feeling of presence of a sea nearby. The blue aquatic shades in the interior bring about the same calmness and vigor of the sea. The beauty of the ancient aesthetic style is visible in most of the Greek architecture as well as interior. This amazing house reflects a great variety in French architecture and interior decoration.

The design that depicts a lot of pillars in Greek revival style renders a wonderful appeal to the whole architecture and building. You fall in love with the little elements of architecture and design. The rustic feel of this entire house takes you to the Mediterranean. There is a large use of terracotta, clay tiles and rustic wooden beams. The whole style is inherent of traditional culture and décor.

The house is extremely homely and has a grand appeal. The rustic and old-fashioned kitchen gives a lovely inviting feel and the family style dining table and the wood burning oven add to the charm.
The huge kitchen table which works both as work counters for the kitchen as well as a breakfast table for the family serves as a great place for bonding over food. A light and genuinely comfortable surrounding serves as a wonderful ideal space for sharing family values and culture.

The whole surrounding looks wonderful and inviting thanks to the traditional appeal. The kitchen is done in such a way that you can walk from any of sides and it is more like a meeting point for the entire family.
The living room furniture is extremely comfortable as well as classy. The chandeliers and lamps in the living room boast in the glory of the golden antique style. The huge fireplace done in stone gives the room a great character. Everything seems so natural yet so very stylish.

Rustic French Home Exterior View
rustic french home exterior view

Rustic French Home Exterior Side View
rustic french home exterior side view

Rustic French Home Wooden Flooring
rustic french home wooden flooring

Rustic French Home Staircases
rustic french home staircases

Rustic French Home Living Room
rustic french home living room

Rustic French Home Kitchen Interiors
rustic french home kitchen interiors

Rustic French Home Kitchen
rustic french home kitchen

Rustic French Home Exterior Light
rustic french home exterior light

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