The Sheer Elegance of Concrete Walls

Dare to be daring with your interior design? Concrete walls may be a good solution. Although they may possibly seem to be like unfinished enterprise for your home decor, concrete walls break up the type and accentuate a area with their sheer elegance and their unique personality. The raw, unfinished appear of concrete is inimitable, even though the trendy industrial style of possessing it adorn your walls — however tough to believe — is nothing at all but inviting.

one. Whistler Residence, British Columbia

A gorgeous property that manages to capture your interest with its architecture will most like catch your eye with its interior layout as well. This is correct for the Whistler Residence in a growing neighborhood of posh properties in Whistler, British Columbia. What gets our interest are these great exposed concrete walls, and their really like affair with the quality wood that adorns the playful open area of the villa.

Whistler Residence - concrete walls indoors concrete walls cool concrete walls and wood concrete wall staircase in the kitchen exposed concrete walls

Architect & Designers: BattersbyHowat Architects

Photographed by Sama J. Canzian 

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