ten Rooms Featuring Sliding-Mirror Closet Doors

Whether or not you’re renting a area or you’ve purchased your house, perhaps you’ve come across sliding-mirror closet doors. In fact, frequently this attribute is noticed as outdated–a holdover from the glory days of ’80s style. As a person who loves adding 1980s touches to my interior, I’ve never ever shied away from mirrored closet doors. And I’m not the only 1. Yes, folks–they’re creating a comeback!

Today’s submit functions 10 rooms with mirrored sliding doors. All of these spaces are stylish. Whether the doors are from the previous or they’re brand new, my hope is that they will encourage you to get a fresh appear at a actually fascinating design attribute. Not only do mirrored closets make a area appear greater, they reflect the normal light, including brightness to your space. See for yourself…

Mirrored Closets in the Bedroom

When it comes to closets with sliding mirrored doors, by far the most well-known location in the residence for this characteristic is the bedroom. I initial encountered a mirrored closet door in the tiny bedroom of a condominium I rented. Even though it looked a bit outdated in a carpeted bedroom with crown moulding, consider of how wonderful a mirrored closet door would appear in a contemporary bedroom like the one beneath? [from Valerie McCaskill DIckman via Houzz]

Sliding closet doors in a modern bedroom

Sliding closet doors in a modern day bedroom

Recognize how the frame of a mirrored door can really set the tone for the area. Even though numerous mirrored closet doors from the previous function metal frames (some in gold tones), the white frame you see above and the red a single beneath produce an fully different vibe. So does the barn door-type sliding mirrored panel in the next featured picture. [from Alexander Butler Design and style Services, LLC barn doors on a track]

Mirrored barn door in a contemporary bedroom

Mirrored barn door in a modern bedroom

It’s humorous how people usually believe that mirrored doors are outdated–yet wooden closet doors can appear equally out of area, specifically when they function previous hardware. Aren’t the clean lines of the mirrored closet doors under the ideal embellishment to this modern bedroom? [from House & Homes Palm Springs]

Mirrored sliding doors in a contemporary bedroom

Mirrored sliding doors in a contemporary bedroom

Verify out the minimalist type of the bedroom under. It’s hard to envision any closet selection for this room other than the sleek mirrored doors that so completely capture the room’s no-fuss spirit. Interested in a comparable search? Contemplate the customized answers provided by Metro Door Aventura.

Sliding doors in a sleek bedroom

Sliding doors in a sleek bedroom

Don’t believe that mirrored closet doors are only for modern bedrooms. The eclectic area in the following featured picture seamlessly incorporates mirrored doors, thanks to painted white trim that brings out the room’s brighter characteristics (such as the quilted bedding). [from Spectacular Design and style Interiors]

Sliding closet doors in a bedroom with lavender accents

Sliding closet doors in a bedroom with lavender accents

Mirrored Closets in Sudden Spots

Mirrored closets in the bedroom make sense. But it’s also fun to contemplate making use of this feature in places exactly where you’d least count on it. For illustration, look a minor closer at the entryway below. Aside from spectacular contemporary ar2rk, to the proper you’ll discover sliding mirrored closet doors. Why not reflect the neon colors of the hanging canvases?! [from Dana Nichols through Houzz]

Hallway with mirrored closet doors

Hallway with mirrored closet doors

Remember the bedroom above that featured a red-framed barn-fashion sliding mirrored door? In the industrial kitchen that follows, we see a related seem, but this time the mirrored door stylishly conceals a walk-in pantry. Undoubtedly not the norm…which can make this feature a accurate standout! [from Enigma Interiors]

Kitchen with sliding door

Kitchen with sliding door

Mirrored Closet Doors in the Bathroom

I couldn’t finish this post without featuring a couple of powder rooms that include mirrored closet doors. And I undoubtedly couldn’t leave out a single of the most common mirrored door scenarios for residences developed in the 1980s–the sliding mirrored closet door lined in brassy metal (under, left). I come about to feel this feature could work in a area that incorporates mixed metals, such as silver and gold accents. But I’m also mindful that a huge quantity of folks would prefer to update a mirrored door scenario when gold tones are concerned. An update is just what we see in the next featured picture. The room definitely looks brighter and far more contemporary in the “after” image (under, correct), don’t you believe?! [from Audrey McEwen Architectural Designer and Photographer]

Sliding closet doors in a renovated townhome

Sliding closet doors in a renovated townhome

Clean-lined fixtures. Contemporary tiles. Mirrored closet doors. Everything would seem to fit perfectly in this light, brilliant bathroom. Specifically people closet doors! [from Alexander Butler Layout Services, LLC]

Sliding closet doors in a contemporary bathroom

Sliding closet doors in a modern bathroom

Speaking of light, vivid powder rooms, the room beneath is a vision in sky blue. And that vision is reflected in the sliding closet door framed in crisp white. The thick white border that frames the mirror tends to make sense in a room with white tile and trim. The lesson here: Let the information of your area guide you in your closet door decisions. from Leonard Grant Architecture by way of Houzz

Sliding door within a powder blue bathroom

Sliding door inside a powder blue bathroom

Still convinced that mirrored closet doors are a issue of the past? The photographs under challenge that extremely notion. And stylishly so!

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