Sustainable Floating Residence Idea Delivers Magic on Water

Floating Home made by Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew, is all about offering a tranquil retreat that reconnects you with the goodness of nature. Conceptualized and produced for French company H2ORIZON, this lovely construction is all about gliding your way to a blissful vacation that makes it possible for you to escape the hustle and bustle of active urban life-style. Housed securely on a buoyant platform, the luxurious floating residence comes with a spacious residing area, 2 plush bedrooms with modern bathrooms, a fully practical contemporary kitchen and a breathtaking roof terrace.

Floating House by Dymitr Malcew

Blurring boundaries among the beautiful scenery outside and the plush interior, big glass walls of the property ensure that the fortunate folk inside have unabated, 360-degree views at all times. Inspired by nature and aiming to offer an open life-style, the intelligent property was made with the highest sustainability specifications possible and has minimal effect on the ecosystems that it is positioned in. Gently floating from 1 place to yet another at its own leisure tempo, it is all about encountering the several sights and sounds of nature, with out currently being intrusive or disruptive.

The layout of the Floating Property can be altered to generate custom-crafted structures that suit regional climate conditions and the distinct demands of those inhabiting it. A fabulous roofed terrace outdoors give you ample possibility to catch up on those number of fleeting moments under the star-studded sky as you drift your way to nirvana!

Luxurious floating house with a transportable base Ecologically responsible and sustainable design of floating house Glass walls of floating house maximize surrounding views Customized interiors of Floating House for H2ORIZON Beautiful and airy interiors viuslaly connected with outdoors

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